“What do you want for your birthday Minelle?” It is a question that delivers crystal clear memories to the forefront of my thoughts each time I begin to write. I was eleven years old, dangling my legs off the kitchen table watching my mom cook dinner. Not really sure whether I should ask the next question I took a mini-gulp and asked anyway. “Exactly how much will my party cost Mom?”

Uh-oh, she had stopped chopping vegetables and turned to look at me. ‘This can’t be good I thought to myself.’ I placed one foot down, ready to bolt.

“Why would you ask me that?” She eyed me suspiciously.

“Well,” I hesitated and immediately felt a galvanizing flash of confidence and self-assurance run though my body. “I didn’t really want a party, I want an electric typewriter instead.”

It was at that moment I knew that I wanted to be a writer.

Forever etched in my memory is the way her expression changed within seconds of my revelation. She beamed proudly, hugged me and immediately said yes. In the years that followed, my grey electric typewriter and I became best friends, confidantes, and dreamers. We could fly, solve mysteries, conjure storms, chronicle milestones, create powers and climb into perfect worlds.

As I grew up I had many other aspirations and I fulfilled them; just not an Astronaut because I believe they have stipulations about stilettos on the moon. I became a stylist, a make-up artist, opened up my own company designing jewelry, wrote for an on-line magazine and took up photography. That’s a lot of hats for one gal to have falling off her head, but the one that I held tightly into place said ‘writer.’ No matter what other paths opened up for me, I never lost the yearning to fill the paper of my life with prose. Wait! Correction. Glittery paper.

When I posted my first blog a few years ago, I admit I felt a little naked. I was sharing all my thoughts and experiences with complete strangers and it was frightfully daunting. The questions that my mind hurled at me caused many palpitations. ‘Will they like it? Are they going to think I’m nuts? Well, of-course I’m nuts! How can I explain that hilarious situations befall me? Yes, seriously, all the time!’

Admittedly, I knew the real reason I had created this blog was for myself, because writing, taking photos and getting excited about fashion and style brought me so much joy that all I could hope for was that people would understand my passion and enjoy my postings. It took ample time to get over the fear of exposing my heart to readers I didn’t know, but I went for it because I believe that there’s a rewarding humility in that.

I try to write with as much aplomb and gusto as I can, now letting my musings pour over photos of food, fashion, lifestyle and personal style. Madly in love with my camera and the giddy elation I get at capturing beauty, I couldn’t think of a better way to express myself and all the things that travel, experience and life have taught me.

If there were any physical windows to my soul, this would be it.