The skirt that’s a lil’ extra…

Don’t laugh but I’ve been wearing this look since I was in high school. I don’t know, but a turtleneck and slim skirt just never gets old. I’ve always liked pairing a slim skirt with ankle boots, although when I was growing up, mine were of the less fancier variety. Sometimes they still are. It doesn’t matter what the brand of an accessory or piece of clothing is, if I love it and can incorporate it into my personal aesthetic then I know it’s right for my wardrobe. A lot of people have the misconception that if an item of clothing is of a lesser value they may need to bin it in a few years. This can be true of a certain fad of the moment but in my experience it’s quite far from the truth. I have so many tops and skirts that I’ve bought ten years ago, if not more, and they’re still so pretty when worn. Yeeeees I know, I don’t toss things out but the stodgy rule of throw an item out if you don’t wear it within a year is one that I loathe the most. Some pieces are timeless, no matter what they cost. So, make your own rules.

This deep berry pink skirt by Tobi is perfect for the holiday season! I don’t need an excuse to wear anything with sequins or beads but I do enjoy wearing bling more during Christmas time. This skirt looks super cute in the summer as well with a nice pair of heels so it’s one of those pieces that transition nicely though all seasons which is something I really look for when I’m buying clothes.


Tobi Illuminate The Sky Skirt, turtleneck – Prada, bag – Chanel, Boots – Louis Vuitton, watch, Philip Stein (similar here)



I bought these boots when they first launched and seeing the advert online gave me heart palpitations. At the time, my friend was the manager of the flagship store and I recall inundating her phone with all sorts of are they here yet? messages. She must have hated me.  Just a little.  I’m happy to report that they’re still going strong. I remember standing next to Benoit Vuitton who seriously is the most handsome man on the planet contemplating getting the Star Trail boots and he shook his head, he’s like (in his perfect smouldering voice) the ones you have are more elegant. Benoit Vuitton is one of those types of men that you stare at and forget why you were in the store in the first place. Total swoon moment but I composed myself. After all, Louis Vuitton is not a place where one falls flat on the floor. I think if you’re making an expensive footwear purchase it’s important to know that your shoes will last a long time. I have pairs of Chanel’s that are over fifteen years old and are still stunning today so it’s all about making the right selection. Usually when a shoe is super trendy, I’ll go and pick a similar one from, say, Aldo and wear it to death without feeling bad when it’s out of trend. I’ve also found that most of the times my boots of lesser value get way more use because I’m not fearful of ruining them.

Boots: Louis Vuitton Wonderland Boots with LV twist buckle. 



I took this vintage (well, in my head I think it is) Chanel out for a stroll. Don’t be fooled, this bag is a tardis. It fits so much in here. I remember one night, years ago, I went dancing with my girlfriends. Towards the end of the night as it got chilly, I opened this bag and pulled out a pashmina. They all looked at me like I was a magician. It really packs a lot and retains its shape, but as I’ve said before, I think Chanel bags were made much better fifteen to twenty years ago.



Another way I wore this pretty skirt was with a large oversized sweater and a pair of ballet flats. It was so comfortable and I liked juxtaposing the different textures from the sweater, skirt and tights I was sporting. Tobi has so many other cute skirts and I’ve been stalking their site to see what else I can pick up, it’s quite addictive.



I’d like to thank Tobi for this wonderful collaboration and the opportunity to truly have fun styling all of their pretty pieces. Have a wonderful start of the week everyone!


Xoxo, Minelle


Photos by A. Mir