Comfortable Chic…

When I first saw thigh high boots I stuck my head in fashion sand. Me? Wear those? I’m not as tall as a tree, I whined, and there’s no way that they’ll suit me. I tried to rationalize every scenario I could to dissuade myself from trying them simply out of fear of boot rejection. They’ll hate me, I sniffed in store. I swore one boot turned away from me. My friends, who are very used to my weird footwear montages told me that these Stuart Weitzman’s would not make me look like I was all boob and boots. I slipped them on and had a little oh hawt dang moment. I felt sexy and a little proud to be able to wear something I had coveted for the longest time. I’m honestly so happy I bought them a few years ago, they go with everything and are still going strong with no signs of wear.



Lately, I’ve been wearing  my Stew’s (yes, I gave them a name- massive eyeroll) with sweater dresses. In the second part of my collab with Tobi, I went for an oversized sweater dress, which I could once again belt to all my glory and wear underneath an oversized coat. No matter how cold it is, if I’m in suffocating in layers I will scream. I love the look of this thick sweater that actually fits under a coat. Yes, such a yarn lotto. This must be one of the coziest sweaters I own, I loved wearing it over a pair of leggings the other day and felt so comfortable. The deep neckline on it allows me to layer, so I like to put on a strappy tank and let it slip off my shoulder for a sexier look. I’m such a shoulder hussy. In the dead of winter, you’ll find me flashing major shoulder possibly dusted with glitter. Some days I belt it, other days I just like it baggy with a pair of kicks. There are so many shoes and boots that can go with this dress and I’ve already worn it so many times since I’ve received it.


Sweater Dress- Tobi, Belt- Gucci, Bag strap- Fendi, Boots Stuart Weitzman (similar here) Sunglasses (similar here) – Chloe, Handbag– Vintage Ferragamo


I’ve had this vintage Ferragamo bag for the longest time and I like how it holds so much, it’s got an accordion type of interior compartment which is like a bottomless well. Is it just me or were bags made much nicer years ago? I love to snap on my Fendi Rainbow Strap for a bit of fun and to give the ole lady more of a modern feel. It’s honestly so versatile which makes it something I want to keep on using. This bag literally goes with so many outfits. It’s so funny because my friend looked at the bag the other day, baffled as to why I prefer to wear this Ferragamo over all my current bags. I just shrugged and had no answer. I like what I like.



Yes, I’ve still got the beret theme going on and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this season. If you read my other blog (here) I spoke about how it slides off my head. I’m convinced my head is an odd shape. Mom? Are you reading this? Did you drop me by accident or sit on me by mistake? Why can’t the beret stay on? Huh?

Beret- Chanel


If you want to look très chic and still be warm then I really recommend this sweater dress. Tobi has all sorts of variations, have a browse and tell me how you styled yours if you decide to pick one up!




Photos by A. Mir