Clarins Limited Edition Summer Collection…

This is one collection I wait for. For those of you that have been reading my blogposts you’ll all know that I have an addiction to bronzers. More than foundations and blushes I need copious amounts of bronzer, otherwise the vampire in me prevails. I’m seriously pale in the winter. It’s as if my skin is castigating me for living in a cold climate and is like, I just give up Minelle, I can’t participate in this season. When spring hits I feel like a zombie and need my bronzers more than ever. I used to own a gargantuan amount but now I just stick to one…



Limited Edition Bronzing & Blush Compact



I was a little late on the Clarins bronzer train. They come out with them every summer as I discovered last year and I still haven’t hit pan on mine, so they’re super good value. It’s also a very flattering formulation that suits just about everyone. My main concern was allergies because certain products give me hives, rashes or redness. I really don’t want to keep going through that with makeup anymore and as a result, I’m ridiculously particular. Which is why I don’t review much skincare. I just don’t like to try new creams and lotions out of sheer fear. The last time I tested out a primer and eye cream, I was in bed with hives, sedated beyond glory for three days. Also, it’s hard to watch Netflix when one of your eyes won’t open. Super sexy right?

Anyway, not one single reaction from this bronzer and I love, love love it.



Limited Edition 4- Color Eyeshadow Palette


This is my kind of palette. The colors are all ones that I would use and are just the right tone for my olive skin. Buttery, blends well and beautiful. I’ve been reaching for this palette daily now.



Waterproof eye pencils in Gold 06 and Copper 07.

These glide, they just glide and blend so well. I use them one of two ways. A) I line under the rim of my eyes with this and feel like Cleopatra (totes delusional) or b) use it as an eyeliner base and smudge it along the lash line before I go over it with a darker brown. The result is a soft, sultry effect that compliments the bronzer perfectly. The little smudger that’s on the end of them is handy and quite nice to use.



Limited Edition Lip Comfort Oil



I really thought that I wasn’t going to be able to get my hands on this, but for some odd reason I did find it. Whoot! I felt as if I was literally striking makeup gold. This feels soooooo good on my lips and I wish I had it in the winter. The honey flavor is lovely and the gold flecks make this so gorgeous over a lipstick or just on my bare lips. I can’t recommend this enough.

I’ve always had an affinity for Clarins because when I was younger, I would watch my mother’s makeup routine and it always contained a Clarins product. Whether it was skin, beauty or sun care, the brand was such a staple in our home. I love companies that consistently bring out good products that don’t irritate my skin. This is such a pretty collection and I really recommend getting your hands on it before the bronzers are sold out.

Xoxo Minelle

* For more about the Clarins summer collection make sure to check out my YouTube Vid of my current faves here.

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