Blogmas day 17/18. Nespresso darling…

Love at first sip happened a few years ago when my ex insisted that I have one of these machines. We were roaming around Yorkdale while I was giving him some girl advice, which fell on deaf ears as soon as we walked by Williams Sonoma. (this was before Nespresso stores opened up everywhere) I just rolled my eyes at him because he didn’t even drink coffee. What would he know? He told me I wouldn’t regret having the machine and dragged me into the store where he bought me my first Citiz with a frother. (I know the word doesn’t really exist. Why dictionaries of the world? Why?) I think this act of coffee philanthropy solidified our friendship even further. After that, I never entered a Starbucks again. Well, maybe a few times because they have some really nice teas and I like the red cups for Christmas. Since that day, after I tried my first capsule, I have been a massive Nespresso fan and have convinced everyone I know to buy a machine. I mean eeeeeeeeveryone. I think I’m an un-appointed brand ambassador.


Recently, I had a coffee tasting from a Vertuoline machine. Ermagherd, I had no idea how magical these models could be. Basically, they offer bigger cups of coffee, different variations of capsules from the OriginalLine and also have espresso shots.


Th capusles are so amazing! I had no idea just how much I would love the banana bread lattes. I really enjoy being able to choose the amount of coffee I want in the morning and have been neglecting my Citiz, which is so fantastic for espressos or long shots. I truly believe that the Citiz makes the perfect cappuccino and to make amends for said neglecting, I made a Linzer Torte cappuccino this morning.



These really neat drawers from Nifty are tough enough to hold the weight of the machines. I ordered mine from Amazon a while back and think that they would make a great gift for anyone that already has a Nespresso machine.  


Could I have any more capsules? Rhetorical question of course.


I love my little cart, it’s just the cutest thing. Lets look in it…


Random Hello Kitty. I’ll just leave her in there, I guess.


Note: I make my cappuccinos and lattes without any sugar and use unsweetened almond milk. A latte truly becomes a healthy treat when you do that. The capsules aren’t filled with artificial garbage and are made from the finest beans. Even seemingly guilty pleasures such as tall, frothy lattes can still be delicious using healthier options.


I’ve Emojifyed my house. At a recent doctor’s appointment, when my GP wasn’t looking, I stuck one on his laptop. 


This is the new Aeroccino 4 and it’s so much better than the older frother. It’s got a pointy spout that helps greatly to make foamy hearts, because that’s all I know how to do for the moment. It also has four settings that I still haven’t bothered to figure out, I just use the one on the very end because I like an overdose of foam in my morning latte. This frother looks so cool when it’s warming my milk and it’s all lit up. Am I the only dork that gets really excited by this? Probably. 



Aaaah a moment of magic…



I usually find a cozy corner in my living room to put up my tackily socked feet and enjoy the caffeine high. 


Most mornings, yes, I really would.



The new holiday variations are so good for both machines and if you haven’t tried how tasty they are, pleeeeeeease head to the Nespresso store and have a cup at the coffee bar.

Happy sipping.


Your un-appointed, Nespresso brand ambassador,



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