Blogmas Day 3. Lazy days…

My fireplace and I are having a heated love affair. I promise to stop with all the dumb puns but the cheesiness of them go so well with my current and predictable winter theme of hibernation. Not even bears have it this good.

Warm toes, hot tea and an over crowded Christmas tree. My old tree was tipping so badly that I knew it was going to tumble to its peril. I can’t help it; I always want to put all my decorations up. That notion was rendered useless this year because my mother gave my sister and I all of her ornaments. She’s simply too exhausted to embellish a massive tree which is a little sad because for as long as I can remember she’s had the loveliest white tree. Unfortunately it broke at the end of the season and prompted my mum to close shop. So a few weeks ago, over a cup of tea, my sister and I took home giant bins of baubles. I think I would have to set up two large trees for the amount of decorations that I now own. I also realized that I needed a new tree. If anyone knows me well they know I can’t stand the sight of cut trees. I literally cry for the listless branches and have come to the conclusion that I’m more of a fake tree lover. It’s quite problematic trying to find a seven and a half foot tree in mid-November but with the help of my mother and some smart online shopping, I now have one standing proudly in my family room. It’s tall, green and ridiculously embellished to all it’s glory. I also remembered that I had bought the prettiest mini white tree last year and decided to girlify it because, why not?




In yesterdays blog I mentioned my Fortnum’s online shopping delirium over all the goodies they have on their website. I bought this decoration (shown below) that is soooo beautiful!



It’s a little heavy but so different and reminds me of happy memories of ritual afternoon tea’s with my good friend. I also bought a box of macaron ornaments made of glass and sequins that came in a gorgeous box resembling the ones sold at Ladurée. Why is there no Ladurée in Toronto? This is such a pastry tragedy.







This afternoon, being ridiculously lazy, I sat staring at my Fortnum’s ornaments shimmering from my girly white tree whilst I enjoyed a cup of tea from my advent calendar. I’m not a fan of fruity teas, so today’s selection wasn’t my very favorite but it was still quite good. Now I’m off to have pizza with good company and sporting the cutest socks ever. I did have ones with dangly noses on them but they’ve gone rolling off into Christmas oblivion.








N.B: H&M have the cutest Christmas socks, I have now pleasantly discovered the joys of online shopping on their website. Where have I been? When did this happen? Furthermore, if you haven’t ventured onto the Fortnum’s webpage, please do so now. I’ve inserted a link. They ship to Canada and their delivery is super fast!




I’m giving Fortnum’s my XO because not only do they have fantastic customer service, the quality, packaging and ingredients are sublime!

Xoxo, Minelle


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