September Beauty faves…

My hands were buried in my hair wondering, gawd, why do I love new make-up? It’s like a drug, selling a promise of more unicorness. Yes, I’m aware I have my own dictionary going on.  There have been so many great launches this past month and I have to break it down otherwise its going to be a ridiculously long post. Im going to keep it short and just show you what Ive been wearing and adoring.


What I’m loving: Chanel Ombre shadow. This works as a great base over a creamy concealer or just on a bare eyelid. I really like how I can layer shadow and eyeliners with this and leaves my eyelids with a subtle glam look. 


Chanel Ombre Première shadow in 820 Memory shown above


Victoria Beckham for Estée Lauder. I have loved this collection since it first came out and really like the second launch of it. I use the highlighter so often. The one thing I will say is to blend it properly. I had a bit of a bruised look when it wasn’t blended well and because it’s so iridescent, it’s difficult to tell in certain lighting. 


Highlighter shown above in Modern Mercury. 


Victoria Beckham for Estée Lauder- Eye Foil in Burnt Anise shown above


Victoria Beckham for Estée Lauder- Eye Foil in Blond Gold 



Chanel’s eyeliner pen is very versatile. It bends like a paintbrush allowing for a lot of flexibility when applying a wing-liner. I really like this because it’s super easy to use and I can actually control the width and thinness of my liner more than any other eyeliner pen. It currently is only available in black but I’m hoping they create a pretty brown color.


Chanel – Écriture De Chanel Eyeliner Pen shown above and below





One of the most delightful launches ever. I’m seriously enamoured by a lot of the products.  This line is so versatile and the beauty is very interchangeable, which is a great part of the appeal. For the first time, I find that this type of celeb beauty launch is less about the celeb herself and more about the product, so props to that. Do people still say props? Meh, who cares, I like it. So much so that I’ll say it again! Props. 




Some people should just stop saying women shouldn’t wear glitter after a certain age. We’ll wear whatever we want, thank you. These are usually the weirdos that say pink and red don’t match (like so stupid, it totally does) and navy and black together are a no-no. You know what I say? Shut-up. Please. You want to channel a space age robot, baby go ahead but just make sure your heels are fabulous. This Fenty highlighter is beeeeeautiful on and if you build it gently, on your cheekbones or eyelids, it is going to look fantastic. It’s not as gold as people think and no, your face won’t look like a green alien.



Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife shown above

I use the starstruck highlighter (second one from the left below) everyday with the pretty compact brush that clicks on to it because they are all magnetic. You can use these as highlighters, blush and eyeshadows, I even dab some on my lips. I find that Trippin is very similar to the Nars Orgasm blush and lipstick. 


Colors shown:L-R: Trippin, Starstruck, Yacht Life and Rum. 

Portable Highlighter Brush–  This brush is so well made and amazingly soft. The silver cap moves up and covers the bristles so that they don’t bend. It snaps right on the Matchstix. Genius and convenient.  


In other news…


I was a wee bit disappointed by the Desert Dusk Palette (shown below), it’s beautiful no doubt but the packaging is just ok. The shadows don’t show up well on my medium skin tone and this really surprised me a lot. Secondly, I found that the shadows, because their textures had different formulations, were not the easiest to blend. Uh, all the building and building made me feel like I had way too much makeup on, so I just used a lot of it as a base instead. Having said that, I actually like using this palette when I use my fingers as the brush and I wind up creating some very cool color combinations.



Natasha Denona’s Lila Palette is phenomenal.




There is just no way to compare the quality and pigmentation of this to any other palette.  I just like how well these blend with a finger or a brush and let’s face it, sometimes your fingers give a much nicer application than a brush ever does. It’s more ethereal and blurred, in my opinion. When you use any brush, this palette will not disappoint you. Yes, its got a high price point but it’s very worth it. The colors stay put. Zero fallout. The packaging is gorgeous and I reach for this all the time. It’s super pigmented but very easy to build and blend. Love, love love!!!





Colourpop’s She Palette:




I just think for the price, you’re getting such a fantastic product that puts bigger brands to shame. I’ve been using the satin lip colors and all the highlighters and shadows over the past few months. This is one of my most loved eyeshadow palettes right now. I just use all the colors and love how I get a good mix of matte and shimmer. Also, I’m addicted to colourpop. I bought a bunch of their lippies, highlighters and shadows and I’m so thrilled with them all.


Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eye Shadow Palette:




The Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eye Shadow Palette – Peaches and Cream Collection is so pretty. Omg it smells gorgeous but it’s seriously well formulated. I mean these colors are consistent, blendable, so pretty and long lasting. I love that it’s matte and how easily I can layer it with whatever topper I want. I use Peach Tea and then top it off with Colour Pop’s Super Shock Shadow in SequinBa-bham. It’s gorg!




I’m a Gucci Beauty lover even though I have no idea what the heck is going on with it. I’m wondering if it’s a permanent line? Why are they not marketing it too much? Don’t they care? I mean the products are so gorgeous in quality and appearance it would be a shame not to make it accessible to more people. It’s a very luxurious and glamorous makeup line and I’m totally baffled as to why there isn’t more of it. Who does the PR for the line? I mean, hey, can I have your job and maybe some bronzer?



Gucci Beauty Magnetic Color Shadow Quad in Pink Flamingo shown above




Suqqu is a brand that I have always loved. Mainly for the brushes because once you go Suqqu, you never go back. I always get my Suqqu from England and it’s irksome that we can’t get it here. I think you can pick up some of the brushes on Amazon, at least the last time I checked, but this is a line that’s worth seeing in store. I like that they take pre-orders for their collections, which sell out ridiculously fast. (They re-stock after the hype, so if you don’t mind waiting, you’ll get it) I love how Suqqu products feel on my face. The eye colors are not overbearing and feel like second skin. Best put, everything is intelligibly formulated and that’s not something I’m used to seeing in beauty. I think you can take time to perfect texture and pigmentation but I find the whole Suqqu line simple and pragmatic if that makes any sense. Gawd, I’m waxing esoteric about makeup!



Suqqu Eye Colour Palette in 02 Kinshiseki shown above


Suqqu –Duo liquid eyeliner pen in Black and Burgundy

The burgundy eyeliner is my fave, it’s not very dark and stays put because there are days when I want a wing liner that’s not too harsh.




There are so many more products on my desk that I want to review but I’m trying them all out right now so that I can really give you my thoughts on what I think is good and what didn’t work for me. Thanks so much for reading, until next time!



XOXO, Minelle