July accessory faves…

It’s hard to pick a fave accessory. Really hard. Probably more so because I am adoring everythang Gucci this season. I take a large gulp and say sweet Mea culpa’s before I enter that store, because I know, I just know that there is no way I am walking out empty-handed. All these years I thought nothing could top my almond-butter-in a spoon-with cocoa powder and coconut- addition. (If you haven’t tried this, you have not lived fully) and then, along came everything Marmont. I was so excited to make this video that I forgot to add a sweet Pepto-Bismol pink Marmont cross body but I suppose I can save that for another fave or blog.

There are also some other brands and accessories in this vid, but really the focus is on Grover. Uh-huh, I named the blue velvet Marmont after a Sesame Street bag, but he really does feel like a glam Grover. (I love Animal, more my personality which I think Fendi is nailing au courant * wink)


Don’t even get me started on the Fendi straps. I just bought a second one and I fear an addiction coming on. I mean, wow, they have totally changed my bag game. All of a sudden my old bags are like new again. These straps have singlehandedly (see that I did there with that clever strap pun) revived my bag collection.





Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Have a look and enjoy! Once again, thank you so much for watching.



XOXO, Minelle (aka, hopeless accessories addict)