Does anyone have a FabFitFun subscription? I like having one because I always get to try new makeup along with other beauty bits. I got quite excited when I saw REALHER products. I adore when a cosmetics company has a good sense of ethics. Admittedly, the first thing that’s going to attract me to any beauty product is the packaging, which, then makes me think about the marketing behind it and what the company philosophy really is. I truly like companies that treat people like they matter. Beauty is one of the largest revenue generating industries in the world, it can be a gateway to not only being in the business of feeling and looking good but helping to support women who don’t have access to education, opportunities and a fair shot at contributing towards any desired profession. REALHER seems to understand this and empowers women. Twenty percent of the gross profits from REALHER purchases go towards the AAUW- an association promoting education and equity for women and girls.

In my mind, I thought: all right, they have the packaging, a fantastic company philosophy and a desire to give back. If you think about it, cosmetics is a billion-dollar industry. A lipstick is sold every eleven seconds and it can be a powerful thing when a portion of the sales go towards substantial causes, especially women helping women. But what’s the formulation like? Do they have quality along with the reasonable price point that is being offered?

Yes. A home run. I was quite impressed with the lip-kit that I received with my FabFitFun subscription, and decided to hop on the REALHER website, have a browse and purchase more products. The service was clear, easy and shipping was very prompt. A major bonus: the makeup is natural and cruelty free.


My Process:

When I review a beauty product, I really like to take my time and be cognizant of things such as allergic reactions, how long the product lasts, the texture, smell, taste and if it dries out my lips or skin, keeping in mind the price range. That’s the only way I’ll be able to review it honestly and know if it’s something I can recommend. For about a month or so, I wore all the products, mixed them, tried all the formulations and here are my thoughts.


The packaging:

I felt happy when I read the packaging because it was a reminder that women especially, ought to be more kind to themselves. We’re fed with so many subliminal and overt pressures of images on social media, and I don’t know about you, but at times I feel immense internal compression and it’s just nice to step back and just be grateful for things like mobility and a healthy body. For me, it’s a reminder that no one is prefect and it’s very salient to be mindful of the language that we use on ourselves. Subtle sayings such as: You’re a Rockstar have the power to change negative language in your mind and this, makes the company a winner in my eyes. (Don’t believe me? Just try it when you’re having one of those bloaty, PMS ridden days and your fave dress feels like it’s now housing a baby kangaroo)

I like when my lipstick says things like: You’re Fabulous. I began to wonder why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? I was having an epically crappy day last week and forgot how easy it was to become engrossed in my own emotional mini-dramas. (Seriously there are so many, I could pen a novel. Oh wait, I’m doing that already) I went to reach for a REALHER lipstick that read: Sorry, Not Sorry and smiled. Sometimes we need just one little positive saying to put us on the right track. Having that lipstick in front of me was more than a coincidence, I thought to myself. A shady friend had revealed her utter shadiness and I had decided to thin the herd. Boy, I slathered that lippie on and mouthed, sooooo sorry not sorry. Bye shady lady. Uh-huh, buh-byee Felicia. That ought to be a color for anyone that has had a friend who was a complete tit.


The products:



Moisturizing Lipstick: I really like the pigmentation, longevity and the color formulation. I wore Sorry, Not Sorry and received about ten compliments from random strangers asking me where they could find the same shade of milky, pretty pink. That’s the best way I can describe it. The one thing I didn’t like is the sharp corners of the tube. It’s also a little on the bigger side of lippie containers and the inspirational writing was too small. The product itself is wonderful.





Matte Liquid Lipstick: I didn’t mind this formulation but it wasn’t my favorite out of the range of products offered. Liquid lipsticks are tricky and I found this one a little bit watery. I feel if it’s layered with perhaps a lipstick as a base then it seems to be better. I definitely needed a lip-liner with it.





Lip Plumping Lip Gloss: One of the things that I enjoyed learning when I was getting my make-up artist license and years after that, was about ingredients and how they work in cosmetics. For the most part Lip Plumping Glosses wind up being more irritating causing potential damage to your lips in the long run. This, however, is a mild formulation and it did not plump my lips but gave a wonderful application. These glosses are absolutely great. The slim and pretty packaging with the large text is fabulous. I’m not normally a lip-gloss fan but I really do like these and am enjoying wearing them.







Lip Liner: I love, love, love this formulation. What a fantastic lip liner. Not too creamy, not too hard, just right for the lips. The only set-back I encountered was sharpening it. When I did, and twisted the pencil in the sharpener, the pencil snapped in half. This has never, ever happened to me with a beauty product and left me a little stunned. It really was a lovely nude pencil that perished, rest its lovely nude soul.


Empowering women isn’t just a hashtag or a statement you make when you want to feel strong and have taken a step forward in your own personal life. It’s also about how you can be of non-selective assistance to other women for them to achieve their own legacies. The gestures don’t have to be grand, even the smallest acts of kindness are important. Helping a friend, giving our time, resources and good energy are all good examples of women helping women. Sometimes, we take for granted the impact our help really has on the lives of others and to some extent we have a responsibility to keep doing that for not only women but for all those around us. I truly believe that circumstances to help others present themselves to us and a lot of the time it doesn’t come packaged the way we would like. Don’t be afraid explore charity outside your comfort zone, if I had been scared then I probably wouldn’t have been knee-deep in dirt in small rural villages in West Africa. You just have to start small, and that sometimes means thinking about the companies you purchase your everyday products from. If you haven’t had a chance to browse the REALHER website, please click here and have a look. I’m sure that you’ll feel wonderful when you purchase a glam lipstick or brush set and know that you’ve contributed in a small, collaborative way to helping a woman achieve something much, much bigger.



Xoxo, Minelle