April Beauty Faves…

There comes a time in a woman’s life where she sits and asks herself if it’s really necessary to buy so many lipsticks. Now is not that time. Newp. Nuh-uh. I know of an eighty-year-old woman that rocks a red so well that I’m quite sure that’s going to be me when I’m old. Correction, old and hot because why not right? Although, at the moment I’m not really adding to any kind of hotness factor because whilst I type, I’m stuffing my face with nachos. At least I know that the Chanel lipstick I’m wearing hasn’t faded. Hang on, lemme check…..

It’s still on.


Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in 152:


I went back and forth around this color because a) I felt I had too many reds and b) felt I had too many lipsticks and c) asked can one have too many reds? So, I ignored all rationale and bought it. I’m so glad I did. It’s such a rich, deep red and has beautiful pigmentation. I’m not kidding, this is a very luxurious consistency. I’m literally yapping on the phone right now convincing my friend she needs this in her life. Also, the size of it is really pretty for any small handbag.

It’s so glam…I can’t even.




Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in 764


Being the owner of a copious amount of lip glosses I don’t normally wear them a lot because I tend to get my hair stuck to my lips all the frikin’ time. This is so problematic when I’m trying to be somewhat composed and look like my life is together, meanwhile my hair is glued to my face and a sock is falling off in my boot. I love the color of this gloss. Berry tones work well with my skin and when I’m out and about it’s a staple shade. This gloss is lovey, sheer and not too sticky and the color range for the Rouge Coco Gloss is fantastic.



NARS NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette:



You’ll find more info on this in my YouTube vid but I’m loving the pigmentation. I was very surprised that I’d like this palette as much as I do. Sometimes Instagram is really an enabler for a beauty junkie and when I saw this online I wanted to give it a try. Initially I thought ok, I have all these colors so maybe I won’t keep it but when I used it I realized that this is a go-to palette for just about everyone. Mainly because of the quality and pigmentation. The colors last pretty much all day on me ole’ greasy lids. It’s a staple in my collection now.



Yves Saint Laurent Voulpté Tint-In-Balms in 4, 5, 7: (colors shown L-R below) 


(middle – 5, back left – 4, back right- 7)


I’ve bought so many colors that my collection has multiplied since I’ve taken these photos. I cannot stress how much I adore these. I’m a massive fan of the formulation. Best launch so far.  Number 2 in Tease Me Pink is always in my handbag and it looks so sexy and natural on. This is my number one pick for new lipsticky-balms on the market.



Dior Lipliners in: 844 Automne  (shown right) & 080 Red Smile (shown left). I feel both have a little bit of peach in them, especially 080. Red Smile is more of a muted terracotta/berry red on me.


My go to lip pencils are the Gucci and Charlotte Tilbury ones mainly because they have a beautiful matte feel and I like to line my lips a lot. Sometimes though, I want a creamier liner that I use to fill in my lips and then apply a tinted balm or a gloss. These Dior’s are perfect for that. They’re on the softer side, so if you’re looking for a lip liner that won’t bleed, I don’t think these are for you, but I really like them for an all over precise lip color application and they blend impressively well.



Xoxo, Minelle





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