Magical Makeup…

The unicorn in me salutes the unicorn in you.

Are unicorns just a white horse with a cone on their heads? I’ve always wondered about the unicorn phenomenon. They’re everywhere. Men refer to the perfect woman as one, women refer to the level of glow a highlighter gives off as a unicorn reference and little girls are obsessed with them. What is it about this mythical creature that has us all so fascinated? I admit, I’m on the unicorn train especially since Tarte launched an entire collection based on this magical theme. Just take a look at the pretty brushes below:


Tarte- Make Believe In Yourself Magic Wands Brush Set includes: Contour, powder, blending and shading brushes along with a liquid foundation brush.

I am so impressed. They’re ridiculously soft, very fun and pretty looking. I normally use Wayne Goss, Chikuhodo, Sigma, Rae Morris and Suqqu brushes and they all do different things. It’s unfair to compare them but I really think the Tarte brushes are good brushes. I like them for everyday application and because they’re so soft, they’re able to blend product surprisingly well.



Tarte- Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette:



I had a moment when I opened the eye shadow palette. Could the colors be any more beautiful? (Total Chandler voice here) Wow. I did not think I would like them this much but Tarte does have gorgeous formulations. I still love my Amazonian Clay palette so much because the pigment is buttery and buildable. Sometimes it’s hard to find that in a shimmer palette because I find the particles break apart and disperse everywhere but your eyelids. That’s not the case here, they’re so beautiful and vibrant and I would use every single shade. Most palettes come with one or two colors that make you question if someone was colorblind when creating it, however, this will not disappoint! Myth is really the most perfect matte shade and I’m a massive fan of Fairy. The color stayed on for most of the day, but I have greasy eyelids. I blame genetics so, thanks Mom. I don’t think anyone else may have this issue unless his or her eyelids are as oily as mine.



Tarteist Pro Rose Gold Glitter Eyeliner:

So perfect for my warm toned complexion and I got seriously excited at the level of glitter that this provides. I like to apply this under my winged liner with either a little line of rose gold or the glitter. Sometimes both, depending on the level of Cleopatra I want to channel. It’s such a lovely color and I really recommend this if you haven’t had a chance to play around with it.

Also, I was beyond delighted to find out that this is made in Canada! Whoot!





Tarte Make Believe In Yourself – Spellbound Sprinkle Face & Body Glitter:

I’m surprised this is an all over shimmer for face and body. It’s a very small container and I know a little goes a long way, but I’m not sure there is enough product in here for an entire body. I can see why people have been disappointed. Still, I’m wondering if I can add a little to my body crème and see what happens. Has anyone else experimented with this? I’m sure it would look pretty. I think if anything, I’d use this on my eyes and cheeks because y’know, team unicorn.

Such a fun collection available at Sephora stores, and on



YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick in 49 – I’ve gotten back into my pinks again and am loving all lippies sheer. I was such a fan of matte lips all winter but I really like how shiny and sexy these are on the lips. They glisten, make the lips softer, give off a more full look and the color range is so spectacular. I also love the packaging and the weight of the lipstick; it makes me so happy when a lipstick case is solid and well made.



Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Tease 550 – This color and formulation is super lovely. My only caveat is that it’s not too long lasting on my lips but that’s just fine with me. It takes a second to reapply and again, it’s got a nice, creamy consistency. I’m quite sure I’ll be picking up some more colors from this line.



YSL Volupté Tint-In-Balm in Tease Me Pink 2 – This is a soft pinky sheer rose. It has emolliating qualities because it contains jojoba and apricot oils. I would say that this is my favorite color at the moment. It’s just magic on the lips and I’m truly not exaggerating. It’s the perfect natural color with a hint of pink and I find this so, so sensual and alluring. It’s one of those shades that will look beautiful on everyone.




BITE Beauty Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss in Champagne Pearl- Such an unusual nude golden shimmer. I like to dab this on my lipstick and watch how the color changes into a unique shade. I’m a massive fan of BITE Beauty, I’ve been to their lab to create custom lipsticks and love their ingredients. It’s just all around good stuff. If you haven’t tried any of their lip-products including the scrub, you really should. They’re available at Sephora and


Xoxo, Minelle



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