Lady Dior and Louboutin got married…

It’s not often that I feel compelled to match. Punky Brewster episodes were my fashion Zagat guide. She was so cool, her and Rainbow Brite. For the longest time I was certain that my parents thought I was colorblind. I’m the person that will wear the same shoes but in different colors and mix prints and textiles. Still, it’s nice when some accessories go well with one another, kind of like a prêt-a-porter marriage. How chic. Admittedly, animal prints are not my favorite, which is why I surprised myself when I wanted these Louboutin’s. I think they’re the only accessories with animal print that I own. I can’t bring myself to wear similar clothing, I feel too much like a foraging animal but I don’t know, after these shoes, maybe that will change. I’m highly doubtful that my willingness to ferret in the fridge will though. Anyway, these go so well with this shiny red Lady Dior. If you’re looking for the perfect Dior, I think the patent red is so versatile, resilient and pretty much goes with anything, at least the mismatched tween in me thinks so.





XOXO, Minelle


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