Kate Spade…

Kate Spade is on a roll! I’m marvelling at the pretty bags in store and on her website. I find them to be sooooo fun to wear. I’ve already mentioned that I’m a massive fan of the whimsical designs and how well made they are. If you think about it, a lot of leather handbags from premier designers are exorbitant when they shouldn’t be. I have one rather expensive tote that has a weird glue smell in it, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why a major designer would create something that’s a problematic party piece. When I was at the ballet and opened it to get a tissue, it was so embarrassing. People were wondering what the heck that plastic smell was and I just sort of shoved the bag under my chair. I don’t have that issue with Kate Spade.

This Valentines Day there are some really, really pretty options at Kate Spade online. The Be Mine Small Heart Alexya is so beautiful. I can’t get over how well it’s made with its pebbled leather and 14 Karat gold plated hardware. That’s probably one the reasons why I adore Kate Spade, the hardware will never oxidize. I actually have to polish some of the brass on my Vuitton and Gucci items and it’s a real pain. The red heart strap is sold separately and comes with cute tassels that you can move around the bag. I like the option of an additional strap, especially one that’s so adorable.

I wear this bag as a crossbody and surprisingly it holds a tremendous amount of stuff. Alternatively, you can also wear this on your shoulder because the strap is adjustable. The only thing it won’t fit is an Iphone 7 plus but I’m ok with that, I usually have the phone in my pocket or hand anyway. If you’re looking for a small handbag that is a statement piece and wonderful quality for a great price, then I recommend a trip to the Kate Spade store. I don’t know what it is about the store but I always feel so happy in there. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s the combination of leather mixed with the most fun accessories?

The interchangeable strap is a fraction of the price of most high end straps. Some straps are more than a designer handbag which is stupid in my opinion. I don’t care how well made it is, nothing is worth that much unless it comes with a set of car keys.


The bag looks great with the original black strap as well. I love that I can attach the tassels to the side. Here’s what this roomy little bag can fit: my Louis Vuitton mini-pochette, house keys, car keys (both LV 6 Key holders), allergy medication (Epipen), headphones, lipstick and small wallet. I was actually pretty surprised with how much it can hold while retaining it’s shape.



Another Kate Spade purchase that I adore and have mentioned in a previous blog was this cute make-up palette crossbody. The card holder is sold separately and I believe both items are now on clearance.




The bag is quite slim so it doesn’t fit a plethora of things but it’s a fantastic evening clutch. I would use this in the day too but would have to minimize what’s in it to just my essentials.



Happy Valentines day and if you’re cheesy like me, make sure to sport a heart shaped bag!

Xoxo, Minelle


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