The idea of a bakery that I can call in and order delicious treats is somewhat of a novelty, but it exists. I suppose that’s part of the charm when you live in a slightly smaller town. Sometimes, I wish I lived in one of those really small towns where everyone knows your business and there’s a familiarity that borders on annoying. You know, one day a boisterous wave and the next day you’re hiding behind a tree. I have a shameless admission. I was at my local grocers and hid from a family member behind the bakeware isle. I had tried to acquire dignity whilst cloaking myself in the midst of a roll of parchment and a cool measuring cup, (that I did buy) but failed to find any.




I find myself visiting SORELLE AND CO. quite frequently and that’s mainly because it’s a gluten-free, vegan, nut, soy and preservative free bakery. To me, that’s a little like finding the unicorn of patisseries. I honestly don’t feel bad when I eat anything from there, even in multiples. It’s so beautiful inside and the staff is completely immune to my psychotic love for their blueberry scones. They can actually decode my sugar-high vocabulary that basically consists of drool, high pitched sounds of appreciation, blurry eyes darting around at the goodies and a slightly competitive manner of speaking. I still can’t get over a woman stealing my bread from the counter and taking the last of the cinnamon loaf during the holidays. Like, take a step back lady, these aren’t cabbage patch kids from the eighties. I pointed to the bread first for Pete’s sake! This incident may or may not have scarred me to be a little aggressive within the baked goods realm.




SORELLE also uses one of my favorite brands of tea so I never need to order online anymore. I’m one of those pastry dorks (there’s probably no such thing) that will call in, panting for their treats and asking what they are offering that particular day. The chocolate-chip banana granola is so addictive, that I wind up digging my spoon in the bag and very ungracefully eating it during the course of the day. I can’t even make it to the cupboard and grab a bowl, this is how good it is or how raccoon-like I am.


I love that they make delicious bread, sandwiches, soups, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and so, so much more. SORELLE in Vaughan offers lunch, afternoon tea and fresh breads. In addition, they also take custom cake orders and I love, love, love this service. The cake makers are true artists! I ordered two of them this holiday season and was floored with the detail and deliciousness.




So now I have a bit of a routine, I’ll grab a coffee from a cafe that is on route to SORELLE. It’s the only coffee company I really like when I’m not overdosing from Nespresso. Once I’m at the bakery, my pre-order is usually ready and while I wait for someone to get it, I wind up adding more cookies or a butter tart or two. I can’t help it ok? Everything tastes so good. I do manage to visit SORELLE once a week. Ok, maybe twice this week. Sometimes. I think any place a person will drive to in the worst snowy weather, just to get a healthy pastry fix, definitely says something about the level of quality and tastiness. (or desperation for a blueberry scone)


Blueberry scone. Worth the drive, whatever the weather. 


This is happening right now…


SORELLE has a location in Vaughan and downtown. If you haven’t been there, I really suggest that you visit. It’s a healthy way to enjoy tasty treats and be in a beautiful environment. Actually, it’s pretty genius.



A close-up of a butter tart (sans butter of-course) Also, I ate most of it until I realized I hadn’t taken a photo.


I did not manage to eat this blueberry muffin. Yet.


*If you happen to visit the Vaughan location, Helen, the manager is absolutely fantastic. She remembers names, is so accommodating, kind and always, always makes the time to speak with me no matter how busy she is. Thank you for amazing service Helen! 

Xoxo, Minelle

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