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Happy New Years! I hope that everyone had the nicest holidays and spent time with family and or loved ones. It’s been heartbreaking to watch the news and see all the sadness that has happened this past year. It definitely put a lot in perspective for me and I truly hope that 2017 is much, much kinder to us all. I’m trying not to relive the memory of New Years Eve where someone decided to count down all of the year’s tragedies instead of celebrating what’s to come. It was kind of morbid. I mean, who does that when celebrating? Clearly, some people should steer clear of alcohol.


I’m back at my desk after a nice vacation and I have to admit, it feels a bit strange to pick up my camera again. A good kind of strange. I’m reading some of the messages that I’ve received on the blog and I did get asked quite a few times what my New Years Resolutions were. Does anyone actually make and keep them? I normally try not to, I’m more of a believer in short-term goals but surprisingly I’ve made a few.


  1. Doing more of what makes me happy. So simple. Sometimes that means saying no which I’m getting really good at.
  2. Write more and have a firmer schedule. I think a lot of people assume because I’m writing, I’m technically not doing anything and then want to hang out. This is where saying no comes in handy. Sure, I have a more flexible schedule but that’s not an invitation to come and have coffee with me.
  3. Get out of my comfort zone. I can be quite hesitant to try new things. Almost stubborn. This year, I want to experience more and have faith in my own instincts.
  4. Not looking back. I’ve let go of situations and people that I’ve outgrown and as much as I’m grateful for the experiences, I have no desire to take three steps back. There’s a reason that I’ve walked away from what doesn’t serve me and I’m truly happy that I did. I’m so exited for what lies ahead and I really feel that the more you look backwards, you’re missing out on what the future holds.
  5. Stop complaining. Ok, this one is hard. I think I unconsciously do this. It could be about the weather, the traffic, how hangry I am. My good friend and I decided to try this for the month of Jan and of course, we’ve slipped but we’re much more aware and hopefully it will become habitual not to complain.


As you can see, there’s not a whole lot of resolutions but at least I can remember and keep them all. I’ve already been doing more of what makes me happy, so I’d say I’m off to a good start. What makes me happy is eating healthy. Actually, why even call it that? I think good eating habits are married to living well. I’m trying to make interesting salads and this one was pretty darn good. It’s got quinoa, roasted sweet potato with carrots, gluten-free flatbread, cooked beats, kale, chickpeas and whatever veggies I wanted to put in it. I made a simple olive oil lemon dressing and it’s the most filling, delicious salad I’ve had in a long time. I had made a plate of roasted veggies the night before and mixed the leftovers in the salad the next day. It turned out to be a tasty experiment! Some more options include adding feta or grilled chicken and it really turns into a meal.






In terms of presents, someone asked me why I don’t do one of those what I got for Christmas blogs. So many vloggers and bloggers do this yearly and I love watching them, like reeeeally love watching them, but I guess I’m more private that way. As amazing as my presents were this year, I like to keep that stuff to myself. I did however, have some fun at Kate Spade on Boxing Day because the site was having a really nice sale. I adore this little card case that looks like a make-up palette and I bought the matching clutch that can turn into a cross body.



I love her designs; they’re so fun and whimsical. Also, to answer another question, not everything I buy has to be premier designer. I will wear anything that I fall in love with. That could be a handbag from Aldo to something from Saint Laurent. For me, the price of something doesn’t determine it’s worth and likeability. I like pieces that are fun, well made and that I can incorporate into my quirky wardrobe. If you know your own fashion philosophy well enough, then you can make anything look good, it doesn’t matter where you got it or how much it was. To me, that’s true style.


I thought I’d share some of my happy highlights with you from my IG. That’s my private account, I don’t like to add many people at all and I’m more interested in sharing memories with my close friends on there. I’m such a weirdo like that. So many people have told me to stop being silly and make it public but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m ridiculously selective of who I want in my life, in every aspect and that includes social media. I bare enough of my soul on the blog and respect that many of my friends don’t want their private profiles accessible to random people.


I made these delicious blueberry coconut, gluten-free pancakes the other day and as a result, a duvet day happened. Y’know, one where you just lay in bed all morning in a food coma. So good…



Sunshine, a good meal and a comfortable bed. This is the epitome of winter hibernation…


I bought these coupe glasses from Anthropologie and used them for champagne. They have the most pretty little stars painted on and although they’re super delicate, they’re so 1920’s glam. I believe some people call them Gatsby Glasses, which makes me love them even more.


How amazing is this clear Aldo clutch? It’s made so well and I love how the sequins float around in it.



I love to indulge in a latte and good dark chocolate after my meals. I added in some freshly ground vanilla beans in my coffee the other day and had a few chunks of Laura Slack chocolate. Divine.



That’s all for today! Haaaaaaappy Monday everyone.

Xoxo, Minelle

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