Blogmas Day 25. Merry Christmas! The Power of Prayer…

I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for visiting my blog, leaving me kind messages and an overwhelming amount of support for what I love to do. I truly wish you a very Merry Christmas, filled with joy, love and peace. 



Religion was never forced upon me. I was actually encouraged to participate in all faiths and respect every single one of them. I attended a Catholic school growing up and one of my favorite classes was world religion. I would stay up late and re-read my notes, study in advance for all the tests and be that annoying girl. You know, the one who always, always had her hand up. Ask me if I did that for math? Newp, instead of paying attention to the dorkiest teacher known to man (I mean, how can anyone get that excited by numbers?) I would sketch all the Guess models from the fashion magazines my friend and I hid in our backpacks.

My world religion teacher was fantastic; she made sure I had all the great religious books at my disposal. As I would read about various practices, the one common thread, without sounding trite, is that all denominations believe in the greater good for others and themselves.

I never understood the power of prayer until I was much older. I remember myself as a teenager who was in constant disdain with the higher powers that be, and instead of turning to prayer I turned to chocolate. Remember the axiom, heaven on the lips, and lifetime on the hips? Well I would say, heaven on the lips, forget about the hips. Little has changed my friends.

Initially, I think I had interpreted putting my hands together and looking upwards as how it ought to be done. Cranking my head up, sometimes squinting to see if I could catch a glance at the all mighty, whilst paying my respects became the daily norm. What I later realized was prayer is in everything we do, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, what we do with goodness and how we distribute it without bias or discrimination. That’s true prayer.


Prayer and meditation go hand in hand, well at least for me. It was in moments of quiet that I had clarity and learned to forgive myself. In turn, I was able to forgive people who had caused me pain and situations that I had no control over. I found if I surrendered wholly to something far larger than little ole’ me, I would have less burdens and more joy. The more I prayed, the more I became thankful. I became cognizant that life was much more grand than my trivial problems, which were seemingly inevitable anyways. I began to feel the joy that I would wish for others and it’s truly the sweetest fruit I could receive.

Am I religious? Yes. The way I see it, there is a tremendous power in prayer and having faith. Magical things have happened to me when I’ve bowed my head to the universe. It has brought a great sense of peace and equilibrium. Prayer, I feel, has allowed the right people to enter into my life and dismissed the wrong. Devotion to a higher power has also created many opportunities to help others, because when you devote yourself to something greater than you, your ego falls away and so does negativity. Interestingly, I also find that there is exultation in praying for others, even those who have been unkind. It’s actually not a hard thing to do and whenever I pray for those people, I can feel my heart open up. It’s such a divine feeling and has filled me with a sense of incomparable elation.

I’d like to think prayer is to call upon a higher power and mediation is the ability to converse with that power. Sometimes I come across it through my writing, other times within the quiet. Most importantly, I’ve found that I’ve never felt alone. No matter what I would face, however isolated I felt, there was always a presence of safety, assurance and love around me. It’s not something I can explain but I know it’s omnipresent. That kind of power is humbling and grand. The relationship I have cultivated with my faith is happily the most successful and most important connection I have ever had.




I’m slightly stuffed from all the delicious food from the past two days and am now faced with a giant clean up of gift-wrap.


Dear men that collect the recycling,

I’m sorry. I was popular this year. I know I have more bins than most people but a lot of it was edible, if that’s of any consolation at all.


The girl with all the blue bins. #TeamNoShame

All I have is a few pics of dessert because everyone was so hungry that no one thought to pick up a camera. Priorities. I know, a lot of the goodies are missing. I may have eaten a few because, team piglet.

Ok, these butter tarts lasted about three seconds on that plate. So darn delicious.

Sorelle’s apple pies are delish! Actually, everything they create is tasty. My fave…the blueberry scones. 


Blogmas has been tremendously fun! It actually aided me with writer’s block and helped create a better writing schedule. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post regularly and tackle a daunting book edit at the same time. Once again, thank you for tuning in everyday and have the loveliest Christmas Day.


Xoxo, Minelle


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