Blogmas Day 21. L.K. Bennett Mariel…

You know, the bloggers in England have it sooooo good. They’re always getting ridiculously fantastic opportunities and first dibs on new launches, not to mention goodies. Hey, they deserve it. Bloggers and vloggers work tremendously long hours and are not lying when they say they’re editing most of the day. That is how our life works when aiming to put up good content, sometimes it seems like I’m always editing and re-shooting photos.







Of course, I felt a little miffed when L.K. Bennett gave some bloggers the Mariel Cross Body bag customized with Boyarde letters. I adore Boyarde and her pop art style makes for the most fantastic collaborations with so many coveted brands. I’m also biased because I’m a huge modern art fan. Which reminds me, I never did post my photos from a recent trip to the National Gallery in Washington. Shame on me, I’ll get to it soon. Promise. 



I was so excited when I saw that the Mariel Cross Body was in stock on the L.K. Bennett webpage and that the individual Boyarde letters were available for purchase. They’re a hundred percent leather btw.



This bag is sold out. It’s crazy. I think the price point is fantastic for the leather, (this one is saffiano, my fave) hardware, design and quality that you’re getting. I want them in all colors. Why oh why is the metallic pink sold out? Fashion gods, can you kindly have one delivered to me? They’re so roomy and guess what? My camera fits! It’s such a lightweight bag and I really, really recommend it to anyone that’s on the hunt for a functional cross body, not just one that looks nice. I also like that I can wear this on my shoulder. It’s 80’s glam when I do that. Um, yes, I guess that could be a thing.




Xoxo, Minelle


N.B. The Mariel Cross Body is available on the L.K Bennet US website. Sadly, the metallic pink is all gone. *Weeps. I do believe that they will restock it though.

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