Blogmas Day 20. Don’t be a bag snob…

It looked at me sadly from the top shelf.

“We didn’t have much time with one another.” The quilted bag choked out, knotting its strap and looking down.

All right, maybe my handbag didn’t talk to me but if there ever were a conversation to be had, I’m quite sure the exchange would be similar. I pulled down my Chanel Reporter bag (aka multi-pocket) from the top shelf and stared lovingly. Why was it sitting there on the shelf? Maybe because of being knocked off countless times and a few bag snobs online had deemed the bag outdated. As a stylist and someone that has studied fashion, I can tell you that these kinds of pieces never really go out of style. In fact, if bags like the Reporter are kept in mint condition they are so effin gorgeous. Eventually there will be a celeb in all her coolness that will garner the same thoughts, she’ll wear it, and then all of a sudden the vintage stores will be sold out. Just look at what happened to the Chanel backpack. I think they’re amazing and so many bloggers, celebs and magazine editors wear them. I’ve found it beyond difficult to get my hands on the pretty lambskin backpack with gold hardware. Swoon. Oooh, I just had a montage of me wearing it, kinda skipping in happiness. I’ve scoured so many vintage stores but still can’t find one; it’s definitely on my bag wish list. Interestingly, it’s held up its value so well. I personally don’t think we have to wait around for a well-known person to sport something that’s sitting in our closets and deem it fashionable. Um, hello? It was never out of style.



I’ve always abhorred when anyone tells me what I should wear, this doesn’t just include my mother. If you pay thousands of dollars for a beautifully made bag, wear it! The Chanel Reporter bag is stunning and so well made. It was launched in 2005, is over ten years old and still super fun and chic! Yes, I’m bringing it back. I remember when a fashion mag declared shoes with platforms outdated and a few days later, during fashion week, most of the footwear collections had platforms. Style is a realm that now holds a tremendous amount of diversity, the consumer is much more savvy and, thankfully, individual. No one really wants to be dictated to no matter how reputable the source. Magazines prescribe fashion remedies all the time, as if there were any ailments in the first place. Grrr. Pick one up and notice how it tells you what you must have! Five outfits to wear, shoes you need this season, colors that you should be in. Sigh. Stop telling me what to do! I’ve never come across any magazine that tells me, hey, be individual, don’t buy this nonsense because we’re getting paid to advertise it.

A lot of magazines lose their fashionable integrity when advertisers offer big bucks to sell a certain look. I suppose if you see furry moccasins enough*, you’ll want them. The unwarranted power of gawd awful repetition. Also, I find that the authenticity of personal style gets challenging when you have unreachable designer (to most of us) clothing that starts at $10,000. Sure, it’s beautiful and au courant, but it’s totally unrealistic, unless Zara knocks it off. This has always confused me because magazines have failed to capture the zeitgeist of what people are really wearing or what’s actually cool, and that’s usually not a leather jacket in the thousands. Thank the lord for bloggers.




I love women that have a great sense of personal style because I too, pride myself with individuality, and that took me many years to refine. It’s kind of like having my own brand. I’m a big believer that cultivating your own sense of style is something that becomes your signature, rather than going with a trend. Women that know how to mix pieces, especially high end with less expensive items will always have a charm to the way they dress. I also respect when a woman can wear a handbag that’s twelve years old with the latest pair of stilettos and a great outfit. To me, this becomes inspiring. That’s the way to exchange ideas when it comes to fashion, kind of like a silent conversation. Plus, designers more often than not are looking to emulate a person’s sense of individual style, sometimes turning them into their muse. Imagine if that were you? Uh-huh, I still have deluded hope that someone will get inspired by my sometimes, odd fashion choices.

What’s tacky: an individual that wants the latest handbags and doesn’t recycle the older ones. I know a few women like this and they’re usually the types that OD on designer labels, sport illegally large lips** and don’t have a personal sense of style. I find them to be snobby, un-relatable and usually imprisoned in their own clique. That’s tremendously unattractive. Harsh but true, peeps.

This Chanel multi-pocket bag is so cool and I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t been re-launched in some way. There are two sizes and I remember having been so elated to finally get my glittery hands on one. A little while later Chanel released the smaller version, which is beyond adorable. It fits a great deal of items or in my case, inspires me to add in things I don’t need and the pockets are so handy! I still receive so many compliments on both the bags whenever I wear them and they honestly look like new.



If you have a gorgeous bag sitting in your closet, no matter when it was launched, wear it and rock it!


Xoxo, Minelle


** Please don’t get me started on how much I loathe these, probably just as much as crocs. Gawd, they’re like a furry drive-by.

**On a cheery note, if a boat sank, she’d stay afloat with her trout pout. Bonus, if the boobs are fake.


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