Blogmas Day 5. Seeing stars…

Seeing Stars.

I didn’t quite realize that I have a star theme going on for the holidays but I love the constellations for the colder weather. Star embellishments are very versatile and as much as they’re the perfect theme for Christmas they also look beautiful all year round. I’ve observed that a lot of stores have so many varieties of clothing and accessories with stars on them lately, making it the perfect time to shop. Like I really need a reason. I’m going to have to keep the captions short because I’ve aggravated a muscle in my neck, which in turn has aggravated me and we’re battling it out right now. Mind over muscle and all…

Here are my top starry picks for holiday wear when I’m out and about:


J Crew Star jumper these sweet little embroidered stars are perfect for a holiday lunch. I would wear this throughout the year because the material isn’t too thick or chunky and would make for a great spring sweater too. I think this is now sold out online but I have still seen them in stores. The quality is so good, the little stars are embroidered in so tightly that no threads have the audacity to unravel.





Saint Laurent (Swarovski) embellished monogram small Kate Bag it’s perfect for evenings out and can fit small essentials. I’m sort of lying. It doesn’t fit much at all. I wasn’t driving the night I used it and I could barely fit my keys but its so glam and was a present. What’s that saying, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth? How did that idiom even originate? I know what it means but it’s such a weird thing to say. Sigh… Anyway, if you want to get this bag just don’t rest it on your lap when you’re wearing tights. I learned that the hard way and sported very runny nylons.





Zara star necklace- this is a lariat style and looks gorgeous with a turtleneck. I’ve seen loads of these in store, just make sure to inspect before purchasing because some of them look like they’ve been trampled on. Also, Zara is the one place where you’ll see the worst of decorum; some women will literally grab your selections if you let go of them or rest them on a table for three seconds. I have learned to figure out my size and online shop in my jams because the grief is not worth it from the gum chewing, half asleep associates that are always sporting perpetual uninterested expressions with accompanying actions. Although last week by way of some glorious shopping miracle, there was a super nice person working in the change room. So that’s something I suppose.





I find scarves to be the perfect present. Everyone needs a scarf and lets face it, do you know any women with just one? Do you? If so, we need to find her and go shopping. I adore this limited edition Zara star scarf. It’s made so well and is like a giant blanket. You could use it as a throw if you tire of it, but it’s too pretty not to show off. Again, this was an online purchase.





I love supporting local businesses and one day in the fall I spotted a woman selling these pretty hand painted silk scarves on the street. I feel awful because I can’t find her card; her work is so beautiful. If you can support small businesses please do so, especially this time of year.




My good friend loves buying holiday gifts from Ten Thousand Villages and in turn has influenced me to do so as well. I’m drawn to anything Fairtrade and when I purchase something ethical it leaves me feeling so good. I firmly believe in the exchange of positive energy, especially when you’re supporting the greater good and partaking in valued social responsibilities. Similarly, another place that I enjoy purchasing gifts for all occasions is from Plan international.  This is actually my favorite gift-giving website. Again, inspired by my good friend who is so humanitarian that I sometimes look at her in awe and think a lot of people would benefit in life taking cues from her. What’s a better gift than donating a doctor’s visit for a child or school supplies in someone’s honor? There are a plethora of charitable options. I recently did this for a wedding I was invited to where I did not know the bride and groom very well.

*I have to pause to vent. Deep breath. I absolutely loathe when I receive a wedding invite that reads in teeny tiny writing at the bottom, no boxed gifts please. Why? Why do people do this? If I could stick my middle finger in an envelope and send it off it I would. Grrrr… This is usually where I would kindly make a donation in their honor. It is absolutely not proper to ask people for currency by way of a horrid and obvious blurb on your wedding invite or even worse, EviteOK, rant over, I can go on about my scarf that I really didn’t need but wanted and now love it the most, until the next one comes along. I don’t even bother to rationalize the fact that I don’t rationalize my purchases. Totally irrational. I’m grinning smugly. So much for keeping the captions short.


Saint Laurent scarf- ok, this just happened. I was walking by the Saint Laurent store and froze. There it was, beckoning me with wool voodoo and I was under an YSL spell. Even better was getting forty percent off. It’s like the shopping God’s wanted me to celebrate the stars with them. Don’t roll your eyes, it really was meant to be.





My Aldo clutch- I adore this thing…I think it’s the whole star lipstick combo and because it’s vegan I’m not at all worried about it getting ruined in the rain or gross weather.




Anthropologie jumper- this is even prettier in person with embroidered moons, stars, shiny bits, beads and glitter. I like to wear it with a pair of boots, skinny jeans and a longer tank (possibly striped) underneath for a nice layering effect. I know that there are lots of these in stores and they fit quite large. I was floating around like an astronaut in the extra small, which was a) quite the delusional ego boost and b) an exciting proposition for Christmas attire in space. If I were an astronaut I would totally hover around in space wearing this. I am fully aware of how ridiculous I sound and what a ludicrous idea that would be but I feel like I’d have to look my best anywhere, even in the middle of intergalactic nowhere.





Did I mention that I could totally eat sugar today? The ban is lifted! Hurrah! I need to attack a Fortnum’s box; ironically the chocolates are shaped like stars. Gosh, it really is a theme.


Xoxo, Minelle



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