Blogmas Day 2. Current Favorites.

When you’re a handbagaholic it’s hard to narrow down which one can dangle off your shoulder. I’m mercurial and some days I love a tote, other days I’ll carry a clutch to fill up gas. Can I just interject that I miss the full service station near my house. Please, someone, please bring it back! I loathe few things in life, the first being filling up gas. The second is scooping ice cream. Weird right? I can’t understand it myself, but I realllllly can’t stand the scooping element of it at all. I wonder if I’d feel this way with a dog? What a crappy comparison. Oooooh pun. So getting back to handbags, Gucci has made it quite difficult to stay faithful to my other bags. I love everything in the store and try not to bring it all home, but the leather smells like pheromones to me. Sigh… *pauses for a wistful stare. I’ve worn this Heart Marmont shoulder bag (shown above) for the past two months and it’s so beautifully made, goes with everything and fits a decent amount of VGG essentials. Just gawjus.

Gucci Graffiti makes my heart palpitate. This handbag is so versatile and totally my style. Actually my style is pretty capricious. One day I’ll wear a demure dress with pearls and high heels and the next day I’ll be in ripped jeans, a leather jacket and this bag. Truth be told, I love the look of some butt-kicking ankle boots, shredded jeans with a cool tee and bomber. I think that’s my soul style.





Speaking of cool tees, I had to have the Sincerely Jules T-shirt, her IG is amazing btw. It goes with everything and I wore it so much last month.




I purchased this Chloé bag a few years ago when it had just come out. I remember not one store carried it and when I would ask for The Drew the shop assistants would give me a blank stare. I managed to get mine from Montreal. It was just so darn pretty. I’m still wearing it, even though the annoying chain flops off and the bag opens up. It’s almost like it’s yapping away at me saying, grab your wallet Minelle; go get those pretty shoes we just saw. Now they’re widely available and come in all sorts of suede and leather combinations. I’ve gotten so, so many compliments on it and think it’s one of those bags that will be pretty timeless.





There are times when I don’t want to wear a designer bag. Shocking I know, but for me, it’s not about the name and more about how much I like it. If something is made beautifully I’m naturally drawn to it, whether it’s pleather, leather or plastic. I had a bit of fun at the mall recently. I say this with glee because I’m no lover of malls. I hide behind my computer to shop and have never been one of those women that can spend endless hours in a shopping centre; I’d sooner have a lobotomy. My fun just means I went to three or four stores that were all next to one another in a matter of twenty minutes. That’s pretty much all I can handle otherwise I’ll curdle like leftover milk. Let’s have a moment of silence for all the ladies that can spend hours at the mall. How on earth do you do it?

I love these two clutches from Aldo. The lip clutch had a ratchet chain that had to be tossed out so I replaced it with my LV strap. Why am I saying ratchet so much? It’s such a hideous word. Right up there with bae. Yuck.





This second one is obvz a Gucci dupe but in a fun way and I figured once I get bored of it, I could use it as a make-up bag. *wink. Win win.





Ok, I’m not kidding, these Aldo rescue wipes are a lifesaver for shoes and accessories. They remove all stains, especially smears of salt. This is so prefect for winter because I’m inevitably and ungracefully getting splashed with snow when I’m out and about. When I look down dismally at my shoes, I grimace at the lovely splotches of slush and salt. Usually this happens when I see a really cute guy or trudge in the slush for brunch with my girlfriends. Murphy’s law.






Pins and buttons are making a nice comeback and these are so fun to put on a top, jeans or even a bag. Actually, I have this vintage Chanel bag that I’m decorating (or according to one of my friends, vandalizing) with various pins and pushpins. I should take a pic of it at some point and post my handiwork on the blog. Love them.





I think I’m the last person on planet earth to discover that American Eagle Outfitters have the best ripped jeans on the planet! I normally live in my 7 For All Mankind jeans but these are so snug and perfect that I’m officially a convert. Like I said, ripped jeans and combat boots are life.





I feel like a teenager when I go into Forever 21. Everything is so trendy and cute. The only thing is the clothes are really small, like teeny-tiny. I mean have you seen the sizing? I wonder if some of the clothing was made for a fetus. That’s the one place where I feel like I shouldn’t have had a spring roll before going in. I once tried on a pair of pants and was beside myself because I couldn’t get half my leg in. I was in the throes of despair when it dawned on me that most females under the age of eleven couldn’t possibly get a toe in anyway and then went to eat noodles. I adore when life works out like that. I’ve been loving these fetus like tops. These are a medium and still look like my dryer devoured them. I usually layer them with a long tank underneath for a cute look and to spare onlookers from ample bum cleavage.





Again more buttons…..





I always get suckered in at the long line-ups. Oh Forever 21, you’re so clever with your wily sponges and small bits and bobs that I never knew I needed.





How cute are these utterly useless lip balms that I only bought for the containers, which now house organic gum.





Oh look, a little pouch that describes me. Let’s not focus on the crazy part.





Lastly, I’m still using this Chanel…um…I have no idea what this is. Card case? Coin purse? I use it as a wallet/purse. It fits so many cards, bills and coins plus I can use it in every sized handbag. The caviar leather makes it super resilient and scratch free. I bought it in August and have no plans for switching it out for a different wallet.





In conclusion, I think my twenty minutes in the mall were well spent. I doubt I’ll be doing that anytime soon and will stick to the joys of on-line shopping with a cup of tea in hand. Actually, I’d rather fancy one now. Happy Saturday!

Xoxo, Minelle

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