Advent & Blogmas Day 1.

This December I want to try a little on-line experiment. Blogmas. Right. So I’m a few days late for that but technically all the vloggers are starting today. The thing is I’m not sure I can manage to blog everyday but I can heartily attempt more consistency for the next twenty three days. What on earth am I going to write about? I’m chewing off my bottom lip trying to think of things…I suppose I’ll figure it out eventually. Just don’t expect long-winded blogs about the deep meaning of life not unless I’ve had a bottle of red and even then, I doubt I’ll make any sense. If anything, I’ll lay slurring in front of the fireplace in my penguin pajamas covered in chocolate wrappers. Speaking of chocolate, well, I went on a self-imposed sugar ban for a month. I am happy to declare that the chocolate moratorium shall be over in a few days and I can actually be able to eat the contents of my advent calendars. Speaking of which, I should probably tell you about the ones I bought and why.

There were copious amounts of advent calendars to choose from this holiday season. It’s so interesting because last year there wasn’t much of a selection. Happily this season there are plenty of options for the advent addicted. Mainly moi. Point’s finger at self. Now practically every beauty company has them, although I’m not a huge fan of beauty advent calendars for so many reasons. 1. Where’s the chocolate? 2. I have massive allergies to beauty products. 3. Some of the colors aren’t really flattering. I adore the idea of the beauty advent but I’m usually left with a handful of products that I’ll sadly never use. That’s why I tend to be picky with my calendars however tempting the packaging may be. Here are my five favorites:


Diptyque: The mothership of advent calendars. This is also one of the most difficult to get your glittery hands on. I couldn’t get it last year and sulked for days. Last month, I literally waited for Fed-Ex with my nose pressed against the window until it arrived. I’m always oh-my-gawding over Diptyque’s luxuriously scented votives and this massive box contains a plethora of candles as well as other Dyptyque products. Unlike other bloggers that have nicely popped open their numbered doors and blogged what’s in them, I’m not going to do that. It ruins the surprise and what’s the point of having such a gorgeous calendar if you’ve got the products memorized? Grrr… The only thing I’ll share is what I opened on day one.











Fortnum & Mason’s Tea Lovers Advent Calendar: I ordered this from England because it wasn’t available here. Also, I have now developed a Fortnum’s chocolate addiction and require a decent amount of restraint from purchasing their entire on-line shop. Sweet lord, have you seen their website? I mean the Christmas decorations make me want to cry with joy. The teas so far have been delicious. I’m currently on day two and it’s a truly great way to try their different blends.









Lindt:– It’s cute and available everywhere. Hello? Pocket sized chocolates. I’m not saying no to that.





L’Occitane: I did this one last year and loved it because most of my bathroom consists of L’Occitane products and I always find the mini versions of my favorites super handy.









Cadbury Dairy Milk: Cutest calendar ever. If I could eat the box I would.





Honorable mention: Last December I loved my DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar. They are so pretty with beautiful little drawers filled with delicious teas. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients in the tea caused allergies because I’m super sensitive to certain foods and I was unable to fully enjoy them. This year, I decided to give my good friends the calendar with cute color changing mugs because DAVIDsTEA has the most amazing holiday mugs and teas. I really wish I could try this season’s selection but I’m happy that my good friends get to enjoy them instead.


Today’s posting is especially meaningful to me because it’s my 200th blog post! Blogging is difficult, especially when you’re a perfectionist and spend all night trying to retouch dust off photos and attempt to be as grammatically correct as possible. In my case it means I have to refrain from using an abundance of commas. Gawd, it’s so problematic. Everyone knows that I’m a misanthrope and yet, despite not having social media linked to the blog much to the chagrin of many of my friends, I have a good following and I’m grateful to each and every one of you that continue to read my blog and send me the kindest messages. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So this month’s Blogmas is for you! I also have a Q&A coming up because of all the emails and questions I’ve received. I’ll try to compile a list of your questions before the 15th of December, so if you have any more please send them before then.

Happy December everyone!

Xoxo Minelle

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