Wonder Woman…

I’ve been obsessed with Wonder Woman since I was a little girl, and honestly what person hasn’t? I used to watch the original TV series with so much enthusiasm that I would twirl around in random phone booths thinking I had the power to change my outfit. It wasn’t really about the outfit though; it was what the WW symbol embodied. For me it simply meant girl power, that I was strong, independent and had my own set of beliefs and opinions about my life. Growing up, I thought that the essence of Wonder Woman was inspiring. Here was this gorgeous woman that was in great shape, smart and could kick butt. Maybe that’s why I like martial arts so much. Naturally, I’m drawn to Wonder Woman t-shirts, buttons, stickers or anything really that makes me smile with happy memories from my childhood. I even carry around a Wonder Woman Lego figure in my handbag, so when I saw this jacket from a special Zara collection it was something that I had to have!








I love that it’s a rubberized sheepskin, ethically made and fits like a glove. I don’t think I’ll be whirling around in telephone booths anytime soon but it sure makes me feel like I have a superpower or two!




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