Let’s tweak to health…

An old man once told me that I should eat like I’m diabetic and live like I’ve had a stroke, followed by tweaking my butt. I let him get away with it because I’m almost certain that he hadn’t tweaked anything since the sixties and his advice was the best I had ever received. Thank you old man with the wandering hands. Healthy living is a mindset, a habituated way of living. For some it’s quite natural and for others it’s a tedious chore from the depths of hell. I think initially, I tethered somewhere in-between those two. Now, it’s like breathing and I can happily state that all of my choices are healthy. Ok, I lied…when PMS hits all I want is chocolate, fries, excess salt and lattes, usually in that order. PMS gives all women a free pass into the throes of carbacide so lets leave it at that.

My friends ask for book suggestions, healthy eating tips and occasionally for me to get into their kitchens and throw out what’s really awful to eat. When the latter happens, we’re usually eating the bags of chips, because, y’know, wasting food is bad and we talk about things of pertinence, real life issues like, why would anyone wear super high heels with booty shorts?

I’m quite selective about the cookbooks that I purchase because in the past there has been a lot of disappointment in the kitchen when the recipes have failed, no matter how easy the instructions may have been. I find this more so with vegan cookbooks. When I’m exhausted hunting for all the odd ingredients that are required for one particular recipe I want to scream when I’m stuck with a pile of goop that was supposed to be carrot muffins. I certainly don’t want to eat anything that looks like a toddlers post-party regurgitation.

There’s a really nice collection of books that stand proudly on my shelf now, ones that I actually use. I’m suggesting three of my very favorites because the recipes turn out brilliantly! I mean, I even made cookies that not only looked but tasted like real cookies and didn’t plummet into a spiraling series of crumbs down my cleavage, although I am sure that’s fun to watch.





Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward. I adore the simple oat cookies from this recipe! (p.62) They make the house smell amazing and taste so good! Her recipes are accurate, flavorful and gluten-free. I’m going to be making her cocoa hazelnut butter soon, it’s going to be my version of Nutella without all of the sugar don’t roll your eyes, the sugar is not the best part and I cannot wait!





Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon. My good friend recommended this book and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you Ania! I eat the effortless vegan overnight oats every single morning. (p.29) The recipe is the perfect measurement of chia seeds and almond milk. Usually with other recipes I have to add extra chia or milk, but Angela Liddon’s recipe is very precise. This book has a vast selection of vegan recipes with gluten-free options.


Cook. Nourish. Glow. – This is the second book of Amelia Freer’s and her first book, Eat. Nourish. Glow. changed the way I ate and got me addicted to Avocado smoothies. Seriously, there was a phase where I wouldn’t eat a thing until I had one of those in the morning. There are over a hundred mouthwatering, creative recipes in here. If you haven’t bought this book, I highly recommend it. It’s not vegan but is gluten-free and there are some fantastic meat options to try.




Happy creating! Consider these recommendations like the tweak of good fortune from the old man I encountered. If you get into fantastic eating habits now, you’ll be able to do more than pinch someone’s butt when you’re older. Gawd, that was wrong. For shame. I really ought to hunt for my eloquence this morning; it’s probably buried under one of those cookbooks!




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