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Cosmetics divine! I had apprehensions. Could I really be lucky enough to find makeup that probably had the best packaging I had ever seen and love the product?  I was utterly disappointed when Gucci beauty didn’t debut in Canada.  The main launch was in Dubai at Harvey Nichols and I wanted to cry when I missed that by merely one day. The U.S. website only offered shipping in the states. I felt like I was being teased, leaving me frustrated especially when the products were selling for a soft launch weeks before anyone else could get their hands on them. Not normally very patient, I waited until the holidays when I knew I would be back in Europe and able to pick and choose the colours  I was so eager to try.

It was worth the wait.




My loved ones, understanding the dire importance of girly-girlness, had a welcome basket of goodies waiting for me upon my arrival consisting of my favorite things including Gucci Beauty. Once they picked me up off the floor because naturally, I would faint at a gift bag full of ritzy glitter, I ooohed and aaahed at how glorious this line really was. A few days later I went to the Gucci flagship to choose some more cosmetics to add to my collection. It was the only location in the city that carried the line and a lot of the colors were sold but I managed to find everything I was looking for. What I did not love was the service. I was graced with a mid-twenty something salesgirl  that seemed to have spritzed herself with a bottle of entitlement before heading to work. It’s beyond irritating when an employee of a reputable brand serves you with disdain. Hey, if you don’t like your job then go find something else to do, but don’t be employed in such a place where your service has to be paramount so that your customer can (and should) come back. Looking like she had had a bowl of sour lemons for breakfast, she exhausted all her energy to bend down and look for my makeup in the drawers. Poor thing, it must have been terribly challenging for her since the entire store was empty and her legs must have been cramping from all the idleness. On the plus side she looked like she was having a great hair day.




When I bemoaned about my experience to a good friend over tea at Ladurée the next day, she simply laughed and asked if I was dressed up.

“Of course!” I exclaimed, stuffing a vanilla macaroon in my mouth.  “I don’t need an excuse to style it up! I dress for myself.”

She grinned, explaining how ridiculous it is when some women have issues celebrating one another. It left me befuddled because I take pride in my appearance and dressing well, truly appreciating when another woman does the same. Here’s a mini lecture: There’s beauty in everything and you can’t go around despising that, be inspired by it instead. It’s based on the sage advice my mother gave me growing up. She would say: Minelle, stay humble because there is always someone more smarter, more stunning and more successful than you and habituate ways of being inspired by that, it will leave you more beautiful. At the time I hoped so, because I was 13 with a gross haircut, a chipped tooth, gangly limbs and awkward features.

Leaving with just the beauty products, I decided to give my business to another store for my other glam essentials, where the service was beyond spectacular and the staff was genuinely kind. Aside from the unpleasant shopping experience, I truly like Gucci Beauty. It’s makeup that goes on well and stays put. The entire range of products is quite magnificent. The eye colors are shimmery but not overpowering, it just depends on how you layer them.

I HEART: The Iconic Copper Single Eyeshadow.




Many people that have reviewed the line have said that the lipsticks have a funny smell and taste. Personally, I find this to be untrue. There is a light fragrance but I’ve hardly noticed it when I’ve had the lip colour on.




I HEART: The Audacious color-intense lipstick in Cashmere. It’s one of my favorite colours, perfect for day and night and does not budge off the lips with a gorgeous consistency and texture, coming in at a close second is the Iconic Red. It’s a deep blue based red that suits just about any skin tone and if you really want to go all out, get the lip pencil and the nail color to match.




The nail polishes don’t chip at all and come in a range of unusual hues. The only complaint I have is that the brush is impossibly hard to use if you’re applying the color yourself, it’s not fun. I can’t understand why some cosmetics companies can’t master the art of a good nail polish brush? Case-in-point: Tom Ford. The colors are so stunning but they streak and the brush is really crappy. Marc Jacbos is still my favorite nail polish; Chanel comes in second because the colors tend to chip. Sorry Gucci.




I’m really looking forward to when this line launches in Canada and I can choose some more of the pretty range of make-up. Hopefully the staff will be enthusiastic and eager to sell the cosmetics and not display their talent for taking naps standing up.




Final say: Gucci Beauty packaging is ridiculously beautiful and can glam up your handbag in an instant. Little luxuries are so much fun when the actual product is fantastic and worth purchasing. To take a look at the line, the US Gucci website has all the colors as well as Saks, Bergdorf’s and Neiman Marcus online.





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