Seven reasons why keeping it simple will make you beautiful…



1. Ditch the make-up well most of it. Begin to think internally. Cosmetics cover, but if you create a great exercise program with healthy eating I doubt you’ll wear much of any product. I adore the French for this very reason, their skincare starts with what they put in their bodies and it shows. What’s chic? A face that’s not loaded with every product from Sephora. Let your skin have a break, don’t wear foundation, tone it down and enhance your natural features instead of hiding them. You’re much more beautiful than you know!

Quick Tip: Drink water and lots of it. Result: Instant bronzer.


Makeup P1


2. Adopt a minimalist wardrobe attitude You can have a closet full of clothes but keep the outfits minimal. Wear prints, color and be expressive but its no fun looking like a Christmas tree. (Even if it’s the season) I love clean simple lines or a perfect belt with my favorite earrings. Enjoy your things but just don’t wear them all at once.

Quick tip: Adorn yourself but take Coco Chanel’s advice- remove one thing before you head out.



Hermes P1


3. Don’t be so brand conscious Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the big designer names but sometimes I like to splurge on a great accessory that doesn’t have a logo all over it. I’m paying for the beautiful craftsmanship and the world doesn’t have to know that I did.  There are also really gorgeous things out there from less expensive brands and it’s a shame when people shun them because they don’t have a designer logo.

Quick Tip: I had a lovely J crew clutch monogrammed because what’s better than my own logo? Buy a simple clutch or shirt and have it embossed with your own monogram. Look at that, you’re your own brand.






4. Cut the chaos and eliminate drama Enjoy the silence. You don’t always have to be so busy, just be on your own, read a book, lie in the tub with a rubber duck and some floating fish. Oh crap, I’ve said too much. Whatever, I love my bath friends.  Silence makes you serene and when you’re peaceful you radiate that and you’ll look and feel healthier.

Quick Tip: Five minutes of meditation a day does wonders for the skin.






5. Don’t brush your hair  Appalling as this sounds, just try it. Let your tresses air dry naturally, scoop them up in a ponytail and leave the hairspray in the drawer. I can’t remember the last time that I put anything on my hair except a bobby pin.

Quick Tip: Invest in a good hairbrush or a wide tooth-comb – I’m not a hair expert but when I run a wide tooth comb through my locks after a shower, I never tangle.





6. Don’t put chemicals in your body This goes for what you eat. I’ll think twice before I take an Advil. If I have a headache, I’ll ride it out. Your body has an amazing way of healing if you’ll let it. I used to run to the medicine cabinet constantly, now I simply listen to my body and it’s cues, usually feeling better in just a short time.

Quick Tip: If you’re craving junk eat some mint leaves, it won’t make you a rabbit but it will curb your hunger, eliminating unnecessary foods.






7. Refine your opinions – It isn’t always chic to want to prove a point, mainly because not everyone cares and when you go around force-feeding someone your point of view or dismissing other’s its negativity and we all know what that does for le visage. Keep some thoughts private. At a soirée it’s simply nice to listen because lets face it, not every single topic in life needs an opinion.

Quick Tip: Zip the lip and listen. Better to be a fly on the wall than a busybody bee.





 All photos by Minelle Mir for Maison Minelle