Allllmost…Sweet Vintage

There are some items a woman never wants to part with, forever pieces that have now become her signature, her very own timeless classics. Things such as an expensive scarf she debated on with her first paycheck, a classic trench, the first time she ever bought herself jewelry or a present from her lover. All her possessions tell a secret story cloaked in her enigma, never to be told to anyone. I too, hold my confidences dearly when it comes to a few of my accessories and grin sheepishly when I think about the adventures I’ve had with them.







Although some of the pieces in our closets are not quite vintage yet, it’s simply obvious that they are not going anywhere. In order for an item to be considered vintage* it has to be produced anytime from the nineteen-twenties, to twenty years before. Anything before nineteen-twenty is considered retro. I love vintage, especially when it comes with a story, usually one I’ve imaginatively concocted.  I recently went to an antique fair and purchased a brooch that was made in the twenties and as I held it I thought about the woman it belonged to. Did she wear it for a lover? Was it a gift? Had it been all around the world? My imagination soared. The paranoid side of me immediately thought it was worn by someone who is now dead and haunting the person that purchased it, until it gets passed on to the next victim. The rational side of me assumed that who ever had it no longer wanted it, simple as that.**



The idea that a garment, an accessory or pair of shoes can become out of season when you’ve invested a hefty amount is nettlesome and untrue. Nothing irritates me more than a self righteous fashion victim declaring that someone’s outfit is so last season.*** Yes, there are trends and thankfully I’m happy that some are over. I wouldn’t be caught dead in furry sheepskin boots anywhere but there are timeless items that many women spend a lifetime saving for and will never look dated. The perfect example is Diane Von Furstenburg. Before she made her big comeback, twenty something girls were scouring vintage stores for her original wrap dresses. She still reissues the iconic prints and when you buy yourself one of her dresses you’ll have them forever.****








If you have an expensive item that you have purchased and love, wear it! Maybe it’s not on the store shelves anymore, which is probably a good thing because it makes it even more unique. I still wear my Fendi baguettes, even though the craze seemed to be over until recently where they are now making a comeback. Most things do and you’ll be grateful that you kept them, besides, sweet vintages make for the sweetest of stories.














* Shamefully, I always thought that Retro and Vintage were pretty much the same word. Apparently the dictionary definition of Retro is: A design from the past and vintage is: The time that something of quality was produced. There was a tremendous reference to wine when reading the definition of vintage. It left me wondering if whoever wrote that dictionary must have been drinking it by the barrels.

** I’ve had it for a month now and so far no one has tried to have spooky conversations with me in the night.

*** Even worse is someone giving styling advice without the proper credentials. It’s such a pet peeve to those of us that have spent many long hours in college/university drowning in color charts and an avalanche of books and data.

**** If you haven’t read her wrap dress stories you ought to. I too, have my very own wrap dress story that’s a little too naughty for blogging.








All images by Minelle Mir for Maison Minelle