Keys to swanky digs…

Water the plants- check. Make sure things are tidy- check. Put mail away- check. Hunt for snacks – Fail. Oooh found a bag of kettle chips – Lotto.

I was supposed to water the plants and use the sumptuous bright kitchen for working on my second book, but instead I had my tote filled with beauty products and the love of my life on my arm. My camera of-course! The moment I was handed the keys to my parent’s penthouse, which always seemed to hold the prettiest light, I did a mini-hop of glee. I had an assortment of beauty products to review and wanted to shoot them somewhere other than my office and couldn’t think of a more perfect place than their balcony.  I love my parent’s home; it’s filled with memorable occasions and delicious food. Sigh, sometimes it’s all about the edible goodies. Peering into the fridge I grumbled at the empty shelves, staring disconsolately at a jar of pickles with nothing to accompany them. Having only been gone a week on their international adventures I was missing them already, especially with the smell of my dad’s pipe that lingered from his office. It was a heady, sweet musky scent, probably as old as the idea of smoking an actual pipe but charming nonetheless. My mother and father have been married for over fifty years, that’s a little jaw dropping considering most marriages don’t last longer than allergic reactions. Maybe that’s why I have such high standards for what I look for in a partner because the way my father treats my mother raises the bar in the respect, adoration and loyalty department and in return she doubles that. The love that they have resonates so soundly in their home, which is why I relish being there.



Walking through the hallway I passed by one of the powder rooms, making sure the doors were shut. With just two people living here I had no idea why they had multifarious loos. I mean how many bathrooms can a person pee in? I grinned and washed my hands looking up at a shelf filled with mini blue and white houses. “Ermagherd!” I yelped out to myself. “KLM Houses!”  I had no idea that my mother still had these and immediately recalled all the times that we flew the Dutch airline on our many family travels.*  When we had landed, the staff would give us miniature blue delft houses numbered from one to ninety five, representative of the old Dutch homes along the canals in Amsterdam.**  Scooping them up carefully, I placed them on a tray and headed outdoors with the love of my life dangling off my shoulder.



I suppose I should give the products some witty descriptive introduction but am still enamored with reminiscing about the delft houses. I wonder if my mother would notice if half of them were gone? She does seem to have doubles. *** Alright, putting aside my kleptomaniac urges, I declare with some gravitas that I love Marc Jacobs.**** Marc Jacobs Beauty. This month I had a little obsession with nail color. Marc Jacobs polish colors are very different and don’t chip. This is a huge deal because if anyone is a clean freak like me*****they would know that dishwashing and endless Windex-ing******causes the polish to fly off my Cinderella hands. *******


Marc Jacobs Nail Colours in:  Showgirl (left) Gatsby (right)


Always gravitating towards shimmer, the Tonite Lights Glitter Dust in Ultraviolet -304 is right amount of shine. Just dab a little on the center of your lid with your finger and it looks spectacular and really brings out the color of your eyes.



For the lips I couldn’t resist the Kiss Pop lip Color Stick in 600- POW!  I love the pinkish nude; it looks very natural and can be combined with a lined eye – perfect for the daytime and very French. It also happens to resemble a fat, little adorable pencil making me painfully aware that I’m a sucker for packaging.



If you want some drama on your lips, just your lips because I can’t think of one person that likes it in real life,  Marc Jacobs Lovemarc lip gel in Cabaret is super sexy. This color literally flew off the shelf. It’s a deep red that’s perfect for fall. I’m always drawn to a simple eye with a sensual red lip, I think it makes a look so polished and it’s become my trademark evening look. ********




Marc Jacobs Nail Colour in:  Midnight in Paris- Collectors edition & Kiss Pop in Pow!

I almost had the Dior nail polishes topple over my parent’s balcony trying to get a perfect photo; I blame the very cute neighbor that decided to waltz out in a skimpy tee shirt. Exhibitionist. Exhibitionist that I thoroughly enjoyed, wrapped up in my trench with dark shades staring at him out of the corner of my eyeballs, which really hurts when you’re doing that for over a minute. After the shameless gawking and near death experience for these golden globes of glam I managed to spend the rest of my Sunday indoors, enjoying a cup of tea from my Dad’s favorite mug and watching the orange sun dip down, welcoming the night.

Shown here:  Dior 241 Gold Equinoxe vernis and the Golden Shock topcoat with a gold leaf effect. The packaging and the product itself will not disappoint. How cute are the bottles?  Try using the gold leaf on a vivid red making your manicure look like artwork.





* I believe everyone in the fam seems to gravitate towards British Airways now, it’s probably the sheer utopia we all get when shopping in terminal five.

** That was also the time when certain airlines would give away gallons of that 4711 cologne that has been around since 1799 and smells as old as that date. Oh wow, I realize that this gives my age away.

*** Who am I kidding? She doesn’t miss a beat. I’d probably get a call and lecture about how she hasn’t raised a delinquent and to promptly return numbers 5, 11, 16, 17 and 22.

**** This actually isn’t a bad thing, he’s abso gorgeous. I have this recurring dream where Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford are fighting over me and then I wake up and realize, not only am I deluded and the wrong gender but my anti-allergy meds are going to cause dementia.

***** Think Monica from friends. Now multiply that by ten.

****** Yes, shut-up I made up the term.

******* Pity Party Script: Instead of imagining being rescued by a prince in my cleaning fantasies, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and five cleaning services are knocking on my door.

******** I feel so grown up having a trademark look, the last time I had one I was eleven with those gimp bracelet things.




All images by Minelle Mir for Maison Minelle


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