Wandering into the woods…

Having already stated that fall is my favorite time of year it would be pointless to ramble on and on about how much fun it is to compress in as many outfits as one can before the snow hits. I don’t want that stuff near any of my shoes * When the weather channel gets it all awry and states that we will get a light dusting** of snow that’s when you will find me sequestered, eating marshmallows dried fruit, in front of a fireplace, glittery shoes on. ***


So far I’ve been managing fall well, nicely avoiding the pumpkin spice latte**** adverts that are so contemptibly and strategically placed in my favorite coffee shop window.  Every time I drive by***** my desire to rethink being off sugar is exacerbated and I have to restrain myself from jumping in the window to grab one. Sadly, I am aware that we are only a few days into a new season, I may have to close my eyes and speed by which is synonymous of how most people seem to drive in my hood. I’ll fit right in.


Sugar cravings aside, I’ve been indulging in accessories that thankfully are calorie free and perfect for fall. I should add that while taking these photographs I risked looking like a Lululemon clad miscreant in the woods near my home, one step away from getting attacked by overly aggressive squirrels that seemed to challenge their territory. I don’t think my shouting, “Hey! Don’t you know that the Chloé Drew bag is possibly the hottest thing ever?” to them helped me in any sort of way. I just got a very violent looking expression with glaring eyes, unless that possessed sort of look is squirrel norm in which case I declare them butt-ugly.******













* Salt on a heel is the shoe equivalent of a drive by shooting

** Dusting? What are we living on? A cake? This is Canada! There is dumping of snow, not dusting for Pete’s sake

*** Who says you can’t get your own glam on at home?

**** What’s in them? Crack?

***** No other route, sadly. Also, there is no discourse between my hips and brain

****** I’ve named said ugly, Armageddon. I once heard someone say that evil doesn’t reflect itself well in photo renditions – clearly. 




All photos by Minelle Mir for Maison Minelle