Head over heels – Fall flirtations

The leaves are already changing color; the air seems to have a slight crispness to it almost as if fall has very assertively stated that it has arrived. I love new seasons; they always seem to impel change and in a very unromantic fashion, I quickly forget that I had such a rendezvous with summer as I flirt with fall, dancing with possibilities and adventures, setting new paradigms in life and with work. *

Reluctantly I’m putting away the sandals. I said reluctantly– sometimes with the risk of frostbite, they do venture out. What makes them easier to put aside are the fall boots that have me head over heels this season. I feel so easily enchanted by the heady smell of leather and the richness of the colors they offer. Shamelessly, I’ve been smutty and salacious when it comes to choosing just one pair; I’ve wanted to indulge in all of them.** Quite often I delude myself, with a round of applause of-course, that I single-handedly have boosted the country’s shoe economy.  LeSigh……

I’ve managed to narrow it down and choose my two favorite boots of the season. This leaves me feeling rather guilty, as if I’ve committed a horrid process of elimination and somewhere a stiletto or two will be very much offended because startlingly I have chosen flats. See for yourself: Insert photo here.  


Zara boots P1Lv P1


The black pair is from Zara and the other, Vuitton. There’s no conversation to be had about the quality of Louis Vuitton boots. To wear them is like wearing pieces of art, the kind where you may curse if rain or snow happen to fall on them. Well, there’s nothing that can be done about that, just don’t wear them when it’s raining so hard that the Weather Girls*** appear and start singing ‘It’s raining men.’ In which case I will promptly run inside, put on a trench coat, a pair of stilettos and grab a large net. What impressed me the most was the quality of Zara’s boots. They’re leather, beautifully made and are… how can I word it? Putting it as eloquently as I can, they’re pretty badass, so much so that my good friend saw them, recognizing their badass factor**** and bought a pair immediately.


Boots1 P1

So summer, I’ve had my wily way with you and I’m left gratified with open-toed memories until we meet again. I’m more than sure that fall, with all its precariousness will have intrigued me with its interesting surprises and possibly enticed me towards more footwear. *****




Lv P1


*This essentially means I shall break old patterns of faffing about in the kitchen looking for snacks while I ought to be writing, plus a cap on the amount of coffee I drink before noon. I blame Nespresso and vanilla beans everywhere.

**I’ll probably enable you too. Just call me the boot whisperer or shoe pimp, whichever works.

***If you don’t know who they are we can’t be friends

****It’s an addictive word. Once I’ve said it I want to defile the grandiloquence of my blog. Badass. Badass. Badass.

*****Sadly, not much prompting is required