Oui! I’ll read it.

I’m giving How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are  an XO because the moment I opened it up I could not put it down. I’ve actually framed the aphorisms on the first page! I went around looking for the perfect vintage-y frame to house the quotes that I secretly think were written all about me. I know, I’m delusional, that’s probably going to be another blog at some point. I sat there, painting my nails and eating dried fruit* nodding away in agreement at everything I read. It’s a really, really well written book. I’ve got a dozen books on the whole lets be French- or at least die trying thing and this one gets first place.


*I don’t eat sugar anymore incase you were wondering why I have no more euphoric chocolate filled posts. No, I don’t miss it yet and I’m a little more than relieved that I don’t shoot photos of chocolate because eating the props became a big issue.