Matchy Matchy? Never.

IMG_5563“What is going on with your socks?” My sister looked at me quizzically as I trotted into the kitchen and sat down for breakfast.

Looking down at my feet I shrugged. “What? I didn’t feel like matching.”

“You’re so weird.” She rolled her eyes at me and fluffed out her perm. I giggled and called her a Chia pet under my breath because if she had heard me she would find some way to exercise torture the way older siblings do. Perhaps I had watched too many episodes of Punky Brewster* but I felt quite liberated at the age of twelve, having decided that I could go against the grain even if it was with socks, much to the irritation of my family.**

This contrastive disposition reverberated with me and stayed consistent as I grew up and experimented with my wardrobe. There were times when I would get it all wrong, oh so very wrong, especially in design school where I would create some rather ostentatious outfits that rarely matched.*** The ensemble may have been ridiculous but I discovered a knack for getting away with never looking boring, especially when it came to footwear.

M3 P1


There’s a jollification in mixing prints, fabrics, textures and color. Never one to have a designer look head to toe, I prefer to mix things up. A little Ted Baker meets Zara, J. Crew and flirts with Louboutin and Céline. Then, add some accessories and embrace the unkempt hair****and you have your own sweet style!

Match P1


Tip: If you have a color wheel, spin it and you’ll see that the opposite colors of the spectrum wind up matching; I often use one for inspiration.

M2 P1



*Oh wow, the Punky Brewster reference just gave away my age.

**That made it all the more delightful. Ahh the joys of tween thrills.

***There was a PVC pant exotica with some faux feathers that I’d like to erase from my mental photograph album completely.

*** I seriously don’t have control over that, I’ve given up because my follicles have a mind of their own.






MJ5 P1


Photos taken by Minelle Mir and Ari Mir for MaisonMinelle