My kind of stud

IMG_5489No, not that kind of stud because when it comes to footwear there could be the hottest eye-candy in front of me and I would still be oblivious. I once started walking towards a beautiful pair of stilettos in my favorite shop, smiling like crazy only to have a man across from me think I was coming his way; he seemed a little irritated when I passed him by for a pair of heels. I know that there are stiletto addicts like myself somewhere that are nodding their heads as they read this.

This Fall, I’m really looking forward to embracing studded flats, throwing on a leather jacket, a pair of Vuitton ranger boots and a studded bag with some serious red lipstick. There’s something supremely sexy about a simple white tee, leather and gold hardware. Being carefree, edgy and full of optimism makes Fall a time for new beginnings and possibly more reason to go shoe shopping. (Like I really need one)


This black Hermès Collier de Chien cuff has just the right amount of attitude for any outfit. Despite being around since 1940, it’s remained a classic for many.

  • Sabrina Ataullah-Jan

    You write so eloquently. Thank you always for your fashion guidance.

    • Minelle Mir

      Thank you lovely, that means so much 🙂