Splendour in the garden.

Shoe surgery and devastation with a happy ending.

It’s quite hard to narrow down my favorite summer accessories. For a gal that falls madly in love with most heels to the point of swooning,* the task was seemingly impossible. Just so I don’t offend the rows of  fabulous footwear in my closet, I chose a few favorites based on how frequently I wore them this past month.

My Givenchy shark lock heels are gloriously comfortable and look fantastic, the only saddening moment was that they literally fell apart after one wear. Feeling stiletto angst, I had to bundle them up in a pashmina and take them to the cobbler, aka miracle shoe doctor.** Not only did he fix the heel, he also polished the brass from the locks that were discoloring. It’s so disappointing to receive a pair of coveted sandals that are supposed to be well made, only to have them go into a Stiletto coma. It’s even worse when the company that you purchased them from fails to understand the value of customer service and quality control. It hurts the sole.


After minor surgery the heels are as good as new and even though I had a disheartening experience, I still adore how feminine and girly they are. Matching most of my accessories, they go well with the Chanel Boy Bag, which is flawless in every single way.




* I truly almost did, I was a teenager and haaaaaaad to have a pair of John Fluevog’s that Madonna had worn. After inundating my parents with countless photos, drawn renditions and endless poetry declaring my love for them, they finally succumbed and bought them for me on my birthday. Clutching the shoes in sheer utopia I had to hold on to the wall because I felt my legs give and saw some pink stars. 

** He really is, he’s revived Chanel’s from the 90’s and made them look brand new. If that’s not stiletto love, I don’t know what is. 


All photos by Minelle Mir for Maison Minelle