Kissed by the sun…(after an emotional mini-drama)

“Ermagherd!” I gasped in horror as I peered into the mirror and saw tiny bumps on my forehead.

It’s the lighting Minelle, uh-huh, the halogens in your bathroom are reflecting, erm, dust. Yes, that’s it. Dust.

Trying to convince myself to no avail that it was genetically impossible for me to have breakouts at this point in my life, I paced around my bathroom angrily. Maybe the God’s of electricity were punishing me because I wasn’t using energy saving lights in my bathroom? I had an argument for that. They take forever to get bright and by the time they do I’m on the bed napping. Feeling another surge of anger surfacing, I stopped myself. I had read somewhere that when you are angry inside you get rashes and a profusion of pimples. What should I do? I had taken countless allergy tests to the point where a rabbit would give me cut-eye for eating so minimally.

Just breathe Minelle, just breathe.

My gaze averted to a book on skincare that was lying on top of a giant pile of books near my bed and was dangerously close to tumbling over. I don’t recall putting it there I thought, frowning as I reached for it.

“This is definitely a sign from somewhere!” I said out loud excitedly.

My only audience was a stuffed dog on my bed that watched me stoically as I scrambled to pick up all the books that had fallen to the floor. Sitting down and reading the skincare manual, I quickly realized that I must have had an allergic reaction from my make-up. Great. I fell back on the bed and scrunched my face. Trying to figure out which product was giving me a rash was going to be harder to investigate than the riddle of the Sphinx.

Hmm, I don’t wear foundation, but I do wear sunscreen. Am I allergic to titanium dioxide? That’s just cruel. God, if I am, can we negotiate? I promise to use energy saving lights and won’t throw foil in the recycling. (I only did that once. Ok, twice. I lied.)

It took me three weeks to unravel my bumpy mystery.  Extensively reading about ingredients in cosmetics, their purposes and effects on skin, I finally figured out that the culprit was my bronzer.  As I researched, I realized that most of the bronzers on the market had the same irritants, which left me feeing disheartened, not to mention pale as a ghost. Where was I going to find a suitable one? I jumped up snapping the book shut and felt assertive. It was time for a complete skin care overhaul! Over the following week, I re-evaluated every single product that went on my skin and eliminated the ones that were causing me to break out, one by one.

Most of us spring clean our basements, kitchens, closets, cars, and garages but not our skincare products. Our skin is constantly changing, just like the environment does. If we treat it well, it works so beautifully for us, and can even make us look younger. Exercise, lifestyle and diet play a major part in its maintenance but so do the products that we slather on our face. Keeping it simple, it’s really salient to know what kind of ingredients and irritants are getting into your pores and possibly giving you reactions. There are so many great books out there to help you find the right products for your face and to give you the truth about ingredients. My bible is: ‘Don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me.’ By Paula Begoun. You can purchase it here. 

Dior2 P1

Fast-forward to a week later and a glittery ending, I had found the perfect bronzer by Dior. It’s been very kind to my skin, can be layered and even used on the eyelids. Dior also has a beautiful range of blushes, brushes and glosses. Since using the bronzer and blush I haven’t had a single reaction and have received many compliments on my ‘healthy tan!’ A simple dusting of bronzer can make you feel like you have a shiny compact of kisses from the sun.


Dior1 P1


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