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IMG_5381“Shhhh it’s a secret.” My friend whispered to me showing me her new Tiffany locket.

“No, It’s too fabulous to be kept a secret!” I replied excitedly. “Upgrading your look is fun! Share it.”

People always get wary of selling their gold. Unfortunately there’s a stigma that it’s embarrassing and should be kept a secret. It’s funny; in a world where we resell our shoes, handbags and anything else on-line why is it such a bad thing to sell gold? Understandable, it’s an investment but if you have pieces of jewelry lying around and aren’t wearing any of it, then it makes sense to get rid of them and have the means to acquire items that you would want and wear.

A good friend of mine often recycles her jewelry. She comes from an ethnic background where she receives a lot of yellow gold and has no qualms about selling it and purchasing pieces that she loves and can actually wear; sometimes buying bars for a solid investment. (I just had to insert that fun-pun) She told me that when she travels abroad she sometimes sells the piece back to the jeweler or trades it for something else, but always loses money during the interaction and would prefer to sell it here.

After visiting a few places and reading reviews I can fully understand the apprehension that most people have when interested in selling gold. The mutual thought and fear of being deceived resonated with everyone I spoke with. They were almost, always given the wrong figures when it came to the value of gold, the offices were dodgy, the staff pushy and authoritative, and most people felt embarrassed. Here’s the thing about selling gold: Sometimes it’s not about needing the monetary value, that’s such a stereotype. It’s about alleviating yourself of something you aren’t using, are bored of, or simply wanting to invest in something else; like my friend with her beautiful locket. The exchange can be a positive, stylish and fun experience instead of one that is cloaked in discomfort.

I’ve found just the place that can make you feel this way and their process is quite fun and easy.  I like to call it the CGE– the Cash Gold experience. The actual company is called Cash Gold CanadaCustomer service in this industry is a rarity and they have it in droves. It’s absolutely fantastic the way they very patiently explain the honest pricing process that is no secret on their website. You’ll know what your gold is worth, what you are getting, and no hitches, along with great service. They have a safe and secure atmosphere, high payouts and most importantly are genuinely kind. It’s not often that someone will sit down with you and discuss your needs in great length, actually making sure that you know their process. It makes the experience educational and fun. Cash Gold also has a mail in system if you don’t live in the area, which I find  convenient and sophisticated.  The CGE is definitely a wonderful way to trade in what you are not using and actually walk away feeling satisfied and happy because the people there are running a trustworthy business.

Many people don’t like to disclose fabulous finds such as this one, but I’ve had countless friends ask me if I knew of a reputable and honest place where bringing in a handful of old gold can be a stylish monetary exchange. I’m happy to tell everyone that such a place does exist. For more info visit their webpage here or have a look at their FB page by clicking on the highlighted links.



Photos: Minelle Mir              Copyright: Maison Minelle

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