Little black dress? Nope. Tall black heels? Yes!

IMG_4584When it comes to pulling out a sexy little number from my closet, I’ve never gravitated towards the timeless and classic little black dress. I’m more of a popofcolor kind of gal, usually reaching for a red, vibrant blue or printed Pucci or DVF dress instead. I’m not begrudging the iconic black dress, but what most people fail to realize is that it’s sometimes hard to pull off. It takes a lot of work to make le petite robe noir fabulous. You have to have the right make-up, (less is more please) hair, shoes, accessories, attitude, undergarments and sometimes, a vibrant lipstick. The conundrum is that because it’s often mistaken for a quick outfit choice, when it’s really a little more complicated to put together,  it’s visually lost its appeal for me. I like to see a woman that can rock the dress rather than a dress that wears the woman.

Black stilettos on the other hand are a dressing-room staple, and I’m not talking about the strappy sandal variety. If I were to suggest an investment for the wardrobe it would definitely be a beautifully made pair of  black pumps. The right ones can glam up rolled up boyfriend jeans, a pencil skirt, or make dressy shorts look super sexy. If you’re beginning to purchase foundational pieces for your closet, start with gorgeous black leather stilettos. The patent, suede and other embellished variety of heels can eventually enter the tilted shelf because a gal can never, ever have too many shoes. That’s a fact somewhere in my metaphorical guide to stylish living, an encyclopedia that contains glittery fashion facts in my head.




My favorite: Louis Vuitton Oh Really! Pumps. Yes, really.


Photos: Minelle Mir             Copyright Maison Minelle