Not a bit bright at all

BB4 P1Subtlety.

I don’t mind the logo on occasion, my job as a stylist has given me enough experience to know that there are certain moments when an outfit could use a logo or two depending on the way the pieces are placed. However, I love subtlety, especially with make-up, hair, accessories and shockingly footwear. Guilty of owning some seriously glittery handbags, it surprised me that I was drawn to Gucci’s simple Bright Bit Tote.  It’s not too big with softened edges and a gorgeous patent leather, and roomy for all the things that I don’t need in a bag. Who really carries around a heart shaped calculator and a lifetime supply of raisins?

BB3 P1

This handbag is one that will remain stylish and is versatile enough to work with almost any outfit, plus if it can fit my headphones then it’s a definite winner.


BB5 P1


BB2 P1