Try P1In the true spirit of being a girly girl, it’s only natural that I gravitate towards purses, shoes, makeup, accessories and glitter. Solidifying my point even further, its not astonishing that I adore fragrances and the way they affix themselves to some very memorable moments. My love affair with exotic Oud’s still continue (read about it here) and I find them to be utterly sensual. Once you know which ones work well with your body, they are rather beguiling and raise the bar in terms of perfume composition. Then, there are times when I desire lighter fragrances with floral and sweet notes, ones that linger and transform so beautifully on the skin; a process that I find so magical.

pf3 P1

Always a lover of surprises, walking into Sephora (Aka: The Girly Girl mothership) I was elated to find a handful of eau de parfum’s that were perfect for my anticipating pulse-points.  Sometimes I love the way a fragrance smells in the bottle but when it sits on my skin and settles, it smells dreadful. This happened to me recently with a new  ‘eew de parfum’ as I’ve coined it, which was quite floral.  The packaging was so beautiful (now I know why) but one spray on my wrist and it took a scouring sponge to get it off.


Drawing P1


My faves for spring are:


Tory Burch – Citrusy at first, but once settled it was remarkably agreeable and morphed into something very sexy. I’m still trying to decode the notes that keep changing mysteriously.

Elizabeth and James – Nirvana White & Nirvana Black – Gorgeous and unusual. It was definitely a wow moment when I first dabbed on the White Nirvana. It stays put all day long, parting with a diaphanous lingering of its pretty and enchanting bouquet. The Black is opulent, mystifying and warm, something I would wear in the evening. Moreover, you can layer the both of them, creating a new scent. Voila!

ChloeRoses De Chloé – Chloé has always been one of the best smelling fragrances around and I am obsessed with the original version of this perfume, it’s sublime. However, on more than one occasion, I’ve had random strangers sniff my neck saying how much they liked it, causing a decline in it’s use.

Marc JacobsDaisy – Glorious in all of it’s renditions, especially in warmer weather.

Carven – Out of all the perfumes I own, I wear Carven everyday. I wear it to bed; I bought the lotion, the shower gel and adore it. It’s perfect for daytime and you can intermix it with any of the above perfumes.


Carven P1


PF4 P1


All of these bewitching fragrances are readily available at Sephora stores or If you’re uncertain about how well they would suit you, the helpful staff will be more than happy to give out samples. The descriptions of these perfumes on-line won’t do them any justice.


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