Five Fab Faves under Five.

FF cover P1Valentine’s Day meant extra candy. I recall when I would get two dollars a week from my parents as an allowance but on Valentine’s they would give me an extra two; at the time that was like winning the lotto. I would get on my roller skates and with all the eight year old force I could muster, flew down to the corner store, only to return with my pockets loaded with candy and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.* Life was simple, I had two pigtails, roller skates, a pocket full of sweets and my Hello Kitty tee and shorts. The same candy now costs two dollars and fifty cents and every Valentine’s I still go and get some because I’m slightly nostalgic.

Growing up, I equated Valentine’s Day with hearts, flowers, **stuffed bears with lopsided spongy hearts, candy, chocolate and anything pink and red. Oddly, I never related it to romance, it used to make me cringe a little to think that people in love actually needed reminding that they had to do something special for one another on a specific day. Now that the poetic and rebellious teenage angst I felt towards the societal expectations of romance had subsided, I feel differently. The romantic in me adores watching couples in love, receiving pretty pink peonies and having feelings of appreciation being reciprocated.

Whether you are single or passionately connected it’s paramount to honor your own worth. It’s fantastic to celebrate you! So for all the single ladies, treat yourself to something lovely this Valentine’s Day because I strongly feel that when you think you’re some kind of fabulous, you’ll attract some kind of fabulous right back to you! It’s also a great time for anyone, tout seule or attached, to appreciate all the love in their lives, not just the romantic kind and to make it a point to do something to make a loved one feel special. I already have some fun things lined up for my mother and sister.

If you are in a gift giving mood or want to splurge here are my top five faves!  The prices range from $99.00 to approximately $350.00. So fabulous and under $500.00


FF3 P1


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*This was before my first cavity. The Dentist actually blamed the candy for the demise of my tooth. How could he? What did he know anyway?

* I find bears with those hearts beyond creepy. I once received one as a gift and felt like he was such a voyeur with his glazed, terrifying brown eyes watching me in my room.


1. Chanel earrings 2. Folli Follie Flowerball bracelets 3. DVF Flirty Lips crossbody clutch-Similar here  4. Daisy by Marc Jacobs eau du parfum 5. Zara high heel leather sandal.