These boots need to go walkin’…

Dvf 3 P1Never one to complain about the snow and cooler temperatures, I found myself cursing profanities at the weather app on my phone. The valid reason for such expletives ought to have been something about how long this winter is dragging out, or hasn’t there been enough of ice storms, snowstorms and power outages? Shamelessly, the purpose of my aforementioned disgruntlement was the insufficient useage of footwear. Poking my nose on a frosty window and glaring outside, I felt irate because I couldn’t bear the thought of bundling up in layers every time I went outside. Even the most fabulous of snow boots were starting to look dismal and insipid.

“What’s the point of my fantastic DVF ankle boots?” I muttered grumpily trying to un-stick my nose from the glass, giving it a soothing rub. Oh… how I longed to wear a little DVF dress, boots and bag! Not all at once, I am aware of the ‘dousing oneself completely in one designers look’ can get you a fashion victim post-it faster than an on-line celebrity update.

I decided to call a few friends over and have a little spring soirée, we hoped that throwing out our strongest desires to have some glam shoe weather would inspire the universe somehow and re-direct future dumps of snow to say, some quaint village near the equator and would melt immediately providing fresh water. See? Win-Win. Silliness aside, Spring? Are you on your way because these DVF’s need to hit the pavement.

Dvf2 P1

Dvf4 P1