The Ermagherd Moment

Choc1 P1A few weeks ago, I found myself in a mall bonding over culinary shopping with my mother. Sounds normal right? Not for me. I’m not a mall person, in fact, I dread shopping altogether. Shocking isn’t it? I realize that this revelation totally goes against my VGG gene. It’s true; I usually know what I require beforehand, exiting immediately upon purchase. Now on-line, that’s where I can sit, latte in hand, in my Hello Kitty PJ’s and browse my favorite ‘N’s’ as much as I wantNeiman’s, Net-A-Porter or Nordstrom’s.

My mother could sense my uneasiness and pointed out a chocolate kiosk, hoping that the sight of sugar and cocoa would appease me. Just as I was about to veer off and purchase some pedestrian chocolate covered almonds* I saw The Body Shop’s Chocomaina collection displayed seductively in the center of the store. Stopping in mid-sugar craving, my eyes took in the thrilling view. “Ermagherd!” I yelped out thanking my chocolatey** stars, immediately realizing that this was the mall equivalent of a cocoa lotto.

Choc2 P1

Combining two of my favorite things was more than just luck, the universe was definitely thinking of addicts like me. I’m talking about beauty products and chocolate. I’ve seen previous concoctions with other brands and sadly, there have been some very feeble attempts, but the Body Shop with their usual earthy charm had created some really wonderful products. I’ve always loved and applauded their entire company philosophy. They currently have 25 community Fair Trade suppliers, defend human rights, help protect the planet and have a passionate commitment to Ethical Trade. There is something so positive about all the products in their stores and I’ve been happily buying creams, shower gels, scrubs and lip-balm since I was a teenager. I actually call one of my chocolate lotions from there my ‘feelin’ fab’ cream. Too bad I can’t eat it.


Once you go gourmet you never go back.

** I made up that word because I have a chocolate dictionary with delightful terms such as:

– Dyiiiiing

– MMMMMhhhhmmmm

– Marzipanish

– Pralineify

– Nuttalicious

– Cocogasmic.

– Feel free to suggest more terms, and sounds.


*Of course I ate the props! 

My most loved Chocomaina product – the Body Scrub and Lip Balm

  • Too funny. I’m totally the same way – I’m not a huge fan of malls or shopping really. I much prefer to do it online – or at least get an idea online first of what I like before going into a shop.

    These chocolate products look/sound perfect!


    • Minelle Mir

      They truly are so lovely on! I can’t stop licking my lips whenever I apply the Chocolate lip balm. Definitely induces the sugar appetite!