Soul Essentials….

SE1 P1Spiritual vitamins and such things.

In a world where information is received faster than a lecture from my mother (and believe me that can be pretty fast) it’s no wonder that there is this incessant yearning to find a way to calibrate my internal serenity. At least that’s my given theory of calm amidst the chaos of this electronically charged planet. Often, I turn judiciously to books that offer wisdom of the ages, or just plain old soulful awareness. Put simply, it reminds me to live in the now, taking a deep breath to appreciate this very moment before me. That can be challenging if you’re addicted to your Iphone, I shamefully admit, it’s the first thing I reach for in the mornings. I mean, how can I not read Tweets? (That was rhetorical by the way). As of late, I have changed things up and it’s not glued to my palm the moment my eyes open. This obviously required a pair of some very hefty metaphysical pliers to yank that device out of my hands and create the habit of enjoying the hopefully elegant process of getting out of bed without tripping on a wire. Why do they make those wires so short? With all the geniuses at Apple, you’d think that someone would create a really long wire so that I wouldn’t have to devise this weird method of having it sort of stick out from a pile of books, or jammed in my drawer so that it doesn’t slide off my bedside table when I’m Tweeting. I’m digressing, I know. Let’s just not dwell on the aggravating wire issue.

SE2 P1

At present, I am reading The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo and am completely enamored with it because it blesses me with the opportunity to read positive messages each day for the whole year. I reach for it in the morning, as soon as I say thanks a million times for everything that I have, even the fluffiness of my pillow. Don’t mock me; the fluff factor of a pillow is of great importance. (Unless you like those lifeless flat ones, if so, then we can’t be friends) It’s almost eerie how each eloquently written proclamation seems to correlate perfectly to what is currently happening in my life. Aside from the inspirational books, I also have cards that convey positive messages. There are a plethora of them doused in a fat glass bowl on my dresser and every morning I fish out three, five or seven, (I like prime numbers) and am awarded my daily dose of spiritual vitamins. My friends and family find these positive affirmations very addictive and in the same ethereal fashion, they too receive messages from the universe that seem to correspond to their present state of affairs. (I have to explain to them a little more clearly that just because the card rings truth, it doesn’t mean they should take it home and hang it on their fridges. I need those!)


I call these laminated messages of hope tools for my consciousness, my soul essentials and spiritual vitamins. The dictionary definition of vitamin is: any of a group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body. Maybe pill popping can’t combine what your body requires in order to form a reasonable whole but guess what? Spiritual vitamins can. I like to think of them as the last piece of the puzzle of the inner spirit. Using meditation, taking time out to be in the now, living in the present and appreciating the glory of life, even in it’s less endearing moments, and making an conscientious effort to acknowledge the beauty of the self, that’s the ultimate kind of vitamin you can ingest. The best part is you can do this for ten, fifteen or thirty minutes a day and you don’t ever have to deal with short wires, these pretty pills spiral superlatively from the heart, right into your soul.