For the love of Moschino…

M1 P1My love affair with all things Moschino began when I was at the evening of my teenage years. I was living with my sister and working in London, England happily embracing the Je ne sais quoi that my life has always offered. Every weekend, my sister and I would spend a day  bonding, eating crepes, taking about the adventures of our week (or lack of) and shop. I remember entering the handbag department at Selfridges on Oxford Street and clutching my sister’s hand so tightly that she complained about losing circulation. There were hearts everywhere, on wallets, key rings, handbags, clutches, wristlets and accessories. I was in girly heaven. If anyone knows me well, they know I have a penchant for anything that is peppered with hearts. This was fashion utopia. I spent my entire months pay in that department and maybe the next few months after that too. Food? Who needed that when you have hearts plastered all over you? My sister has always had a strange obsession for keychains and accessories and was lost in an isle of trinkets while I plotted to borrow whatever it was that she was buying, feeling a little excited when she held up a shiny belt with letters on it.

Proudly sporting all my Moschino gear from the past two decades, I’d like to say that it’s timeless. Uh-huh, blazing logos, shiny gold, big bold patterns and all, because I’ve always felt that Moschino accessories and clothing were so tongue-in-cheek you could get away with the audaciousness they emanated. As of late,  I’ve been seeing so many of the earlier Moschino designs in the current trend, I suppose I should omit that information when I ask my sister for some of her handbags that she, ahem, apparently has outgrown. (One can wish) On the topic of prevalent style, a recent announcement hailed Jeremy Scott as Moschino’s new creative director, I’m excited to see what the forthcoming collections are going to look like. The clothing has always been sensationally tailored and the whimsical designs have caused me to buy more garments than it’s possible to wear. I can’t help it! I create theories for wanting a certain skirt or coat and the writer in me conjures a vast array of scenarios where more than two jackets are required, like maybe a tropical rainstorm and then immediate sunshine and then rain again. I can’t wear damp outerwear now can I? My Moschino coat’s that hang happily (and rain free) in my closet are still as fabulous as they were ten years ago. I can never quite bring myself to throw anything out and this is one instance where I’m truly grateful I didn’t. I suppose I should break it to my sister that she’s never going to get her belt back.

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