Oh Marc, you’ve left your Mark..

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“He’s what?” I stared at a fashion magazine and asked the stuffed dog on my bed. “A make-up line! Marc Jacobs with a beauty line, this is going to be marvelous!” Normally, I don’t reach a point of elation upon hearing about a make-up line by a well established designer, I tend to favor the tried and tested experience of an actual make-up artist that has the same passion for his or her lip brush as I do for chocolate. This was different. I can’t lie; I’m a Marc Jacobs fan, from the very beginning when he was just starting his career to the present moment. He is the epitome of success, he’s transformed his life, proving that anything is possible and is such a good example of just how far your creativity can stretch when it’s fueled by passion.

I waited patiently until the line was launched and ran into the nearest Sephora, heart beating fast, like a lip-gloss junkie. The experience was exactly as I anticipated.  I loved everything from his beauty line. What impressed me the most were the unusual colors that he had. Correction, the unusual wearable colors that were available, because lets face it, there are make-up lines out there that have the most ridiculous palettes. Really? Do you really want me to look like Carmen Miranda’s headgear?

The packaging was simple, functional, and easy to open. The pigments were fantastic, even for the eye palettes and eye pencils. His liquid eyeliner is said to be the darkest, most black one on the market. I’ve been a Chanel nail-polish fan for years and years but I cheated a little and was enamored with the colors that Marc Jacobs offered. ‘Stella’ is by far my favorite. It’s so easy to use if you’re giving yourself a mani at home, the brush is wonderful. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve battled various bottles and wound up looking like my nails were manicured by two year old) The lip-glosses were outstanding, and boasted lovely unique colors. What I love most is that they plump your lips just a lil’ and stay on strong, with a really great consistency. My favorite item was the large bronzing brush; it’s giant, well made and looks so darn good on my dresser.

As a make-up artist I’m always looking for new and special products to add to my collection and I have never wanted to buy an entire make-up line, but Marc Jacobs Beauty makes me want everything on display. The line is currently available in the USA and Canada and is exclusive to Sephora or here.

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Fave: Lip-gloss – 204 Gypsy

Fave: Eye-palette – 106 The Rebel (of course)

Fave: Lipstick – 114 Understudy


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