Rendez-Vous with Hermès…Mais Oui!

H1 P1Letting out a little glittery gasp of glee as I opened the invitation to see the celebration of trade from Hermès, I couldn’t help but get excited. Aside from the fact that it’s, well, Hermès, and the mothership of all leather goods and finery, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to see just how meticulous the Métiers are. Watching some of the finest trades people in the world sit down and explain processes like silk screening, handbag making, glove construction and jewelry design was an elaborate experience. The Design Exchange in Toronto was decorated in a very Hermès fashion, right down to the gorgeous imported carpet, and in my usual style, I always like to snap a picture of feet. The most charming part of the afternoon, aside from my wonderful Hermès loving companions (and partners in food crime) was the chatter of French; there’s nothing like the sounds Parisian French to make me ridiculously happy and go running to the nearest bakery, which I did.H14 P1 H16 P1 Last P1H15 P1 H12 P1 H10 P1 H9 P1 H8 P1 H7 P1 H5 P1 H3 P1 H2 P1 H4 P1 H18 P1 H18 P1 H20 P1
































  • J. K.

    I love the photography, you clearly have a gift, not only for writing but for capturing beauty through your lens. Am a fan.

  • Jason Collins

    They are to die for…love them..