Park lovin’

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“Where’s Minelle?” My mother looked around for me in the large garden. It was my fifth birthday party and I was no where to be found, once I had made my rounds poking the cake and licking some frosting, I galavanted away. A few days ago my mother animatedly recited this story to me as I sat watching her cheerful expression over a cup of tea.

“I looked everywhere for you! You had the prettiest yellow dress on and little clips in your hair.”

I smiled dipping a cookie in my hot tea knowing what she would say next because this was one of her favourite childhood memories to narrate.

“One of your little friends had pointed to a tall tree and there you were swinging on a branch waving at us.”

Laughing at the image I knew that if there were any opportunities to keep climbing trees, I probably would. I grew up outdoors, roller skating like a pro, whizzing down hills, catching bugs in jars and bringing them home, naming each and every one of them. I was probably one of the muddiest, dirtiest kids ever to saunter in my front door during the afternoons.

Nothing has really changed, and whenever I have the chance, I go to some really gorgeous parks and even climb some trees with fancy runners praying I don’t get caught. For the past few weeks I have been visiting a beautiful park with warm, old memories that I grew up next to. Of-course, I decided to glam up the outdoor visits because no matter how much I try, I always wind up trying to create a look for practically everything. There is such a freedom in channeling your inner kid, especially when you have a barrel of  fabulous memories!

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