Xo2 P1

My XO’s are little kisses of approval, they represent things that are delightful and bring girly excitement and happiness. This week my theme is all about being your own inspiration and that can be challenging when you have lots of fabulous role modes in your life. It’s also about loving yourself enough to trust that glittery light of yours will twinkle in new ways to brighten your life. It could be simple as a night in with a  pair of fabulous stiletto’s on, some French chocolate, a good read and a glass of wine. Just you. After many years of date nights with myself, I’ve become my best friend, taken myself out for dinner and travelled to many countries because I’ve learned that once you crown yourself with the title of ‘my own best friend’ you’re a magnet for some really great ones.

Since I love being VGG (very girly girl) I spend my quality time well dressed for guess who? Yup, you guessed it right! For me. My biggest inspiration is my pretty pink closet, it’s simple but houses all the things that make the glittery gal in me motivated to get dressed and place a pretty footing in this world. I’m a firm believer that your surroundings are reflective of how you feel inside. Given the amount of shimmer that I own, my insides are probably full of glitter!


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