Dear Soul, I’m staying true.

Fundamental substance and dealing with spiritual indigestion.

Periodically, the universe quietly knocks on the door of my heart and leaves a basket of circumstances with a glittery note. I’m not quite sure if it is to test the faith in my own being, or simply a post-it of growth, but each time I do get one, it has never been easy. Almost always, an aide-mémoire near my heart results in spiritual indigestion. This time the note read: “Minelle, I’m pretty sure you follow the things that you write but just to make sure, I have to test you.” Bammo. So direct.

My first inclination is to put my hands on my hips, jutting them out slightly, fashionably saying, “Bring it, baby.” But, I quickly stop myself because I know that the cosmos have a way of rattling my heart and always testing the self worth that I wear like a little studded badge of honour. Peering in the basket, I look at a swirl of conundrums and feel slightly nauseated because I know that following my heart is ridiculously easy but following my true spirit is like walking away from the magnet of superficial rationalization.  It’s much harder to follow your soul because sometimes the honesty it exhibits manifests the proverbial grainy road ahead. Do you ever make it easy? I ask, looking up at the vastness of the sky. I am assuming that the silence was my answer.

Just like any archaeologist of the incorporeal, I too, have faced a surfeit of challenges in my basket and for each and every one I have taken it in my stride and stumbled, fallen hard and stood up, fumbling awkwardly on a stiletto and dusted some hard lessons off.  I learnt very quickly to surrender to my spirit, not the situation and the confidence that I have in divinity, the same holiness that doesn’t dim my inner shine but with every hardship just makes it brighter. I’ve always given myself the proverbial metaphor of choosing two paths in life, the easy route or the self-reflective hard one. Hands down, I’ve walked the rocky hard road in some serious five-inch heels.

Here are some virtuous stones that I have added to my spiritual basket along the way.

* Stand behind your word. Always. You’ll be tested and your faith may wobble, but if you’ve made it this far, potholes, cobblestones and pebbles, because you know what those can do to a good pair of heels, you will get through it.

* Sometimes you have to differentiate the things that your heart desires and what your soul needs. It’s that gut feeling you’ll get that simply won’t go away. I call it spiritual indigestion challenging your fundamentals. Sorry, there’s no metaphysical antacids for that; you simply know the answer, yes, deep down in that belly.

*You can talk about substance and self worth but if you don’t display them then no one will ever believe you possess them, they’ll just think you know some fancy catch phrases and that they are just words that are eaten by your non action. Let out a spiritual burp, a classy one.  Don’t act it, show it. Your worth should speak volumes before you enter a room.

*You are never an exception to your own values; you should be an example.

Lastly, there will be moments where you may lack a mentor or someone to look to for incentive. Remember that inner light of yours, that guiding light? You be your own inspiration! You’ve got all the spiritual goods to back it up, don’t be afraid to be led by your own brightness, just like I was led by mine as I placed the basket back outside my door until the universe came knocking once more.