Never knew I could..

I’m a sunglass junkie. Along with a shoe junkie, a bag junkie, ok, so you get the picture. I have a small mountain of pretty cases that just sit there, staring at me waiting to be used for their purpose. Most of the time my glasses are on my head, lost in my handbag or on the seat of my car where on more than one occasion I’ve sat on them. (Like on a pair of Gucci bumble-bee ones. Talk about literally getting stung on your butt.)

Recently I went to get my fix at one of my favourite sunglass shops and met with a pair of Chanel sunnies that insisted on crowning my head. How can I refuse? (That’s rhetorical by the way.) The girl who helped me gave me a really fun tip after I oohed and aahed at the Chanel sunglass case that was a black quilted leather and really beautiful, almost like a clutch. When I mentioned that to her she told me that women were coming in her store to buy the case and that they used them as a clutch.

Tip: Sunnies come with great cases and if you’re in need of a clutch use them as one. I’ve tried it and nothing fell out of mine which was a small victory considering the useless amount of things I carry in my bags. (Who really needs a WonderWoman Lego mini-figure in their bags?)