Unbuttoning an opinion.

Recently, I came across a paragraph in a chic style guide written by a very chic woman, declaring that it was far from chic to wear a blazer with a skirt because it takes away from the impact of the skirt. I can almost hear the Jeopardy buzzer ringing in my head. What?!! Since when? I mean, what if I don’t want my skirt to bask in the limelight and have a jacket share some of it too?

(One time a blazer saved me. See below for my mini confession)

I dislike referencing runways because that’s the easiest defence; you can see almost anything on one. I think I’m wrinkling my point by admitting that, but I have to. I’ve seen so many shows where this look is predominant so why would she say that? Picking up the book again after my initial protest, I read on and understood what she meant. It was something about skirts being ever so feminine and that adding a jacket takes away from their significance. I get her point, but I really didn’t agree with it. Her book was great by the way, but the blazer/jacket thing tainted the rest of it for me. I had a bit of a ‘Meh’ moment.

That certain something that makes us love someones style, to the point of inspiring us, is the ability for that particular person to carry off a look. Sometimes we can emulate it or we simply can’t and most of the time it wouldn’t suit us anyway. It’s all part of a chic gals Joie de Vivre. An individual’s sense of personal style can inspire a designers entire collection; just one little detail can spark it. That’s why I don’t believe in rules for fashion, not all people’s bodies or personalities are the same, so how can one rule apply to everyone? (Size 00000 models don’t count)

What was even more conflicting was that I had three other famous style guides in front of me that encouraged a blazer or jacket over a feminine floral dress and mini skirt, not to mention a plethora of magazine cut outs staring at me in defiance.

See what I mean?

My point: If it looks good and suits you, wear it. Personally, I’ve always loved throwing a beloved blazer ( I have this black Theory one that I can’t live without) over my dresses or skirts and sometimes leather jackets too. Ha! Take that chic lady. (She’s probably rolling her fabulously made up eyes.)

Mini-confession: One time in Paris, a blazer saved my miniskirt. I had on quite the short skirt for an evening out and not at all appropriate for where I was going. Evidently, some of the dresses and mini’s I can get away with wearing here aren’t suitable for Paris. Hey! I make fashion mistakes all the time too. The blazer was my saving grace! It covered all the stuff that needed to be concealed. Know what I mean? I’m soooo glad that I had it.

Another peeve: One style guide states that it’s a no-no to have a bra strap peeping out from your top but I know a girl that makes it look so good. She even attaches a little brooch.   Super mini-confession: I do it too with a white mens undershirt.

So, another ‘Meh’ to that too.

There I said it. I don’t like rules in fashion. Conformity is synonymous to being closed minded and a little boring.

Thought of the day: Unzip your mind and un-button conformity.